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👥 BambooSwap referral system is alive ! Invite your friends now and get referral bonus when they official launch at oct 1 , 0:00 UTC

✈️ Visit the BambooSwap Dapp on Trust Wallet:

👉 Link to create your Wallet in Trust Wallet if you don't have it Already:

✅ Airdrop rules:
📌 Open Tust Wallet 👉 Click on Dapp.
📌 Copy this link:
📌 Paste the link in Dapp on Trust Wallet.

☑️ Done.

➕ Additional Information:
📌 10% of the gaming platform’s profits will be use to buy back BAMBOO to empower BambooSwap.
📌 All the BAMBOO profits will be burned.

🎯 Binance DEX Retweet Source:

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