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"Airclinic is a project aimed at providing quick access, affordable global healthcare all around the clock." This project has help bridge the gap on delay in getting healthcare consultation in hospital by way of giving healthcare services through it app. Get every of your health challenges solved at a goo.... By using the app which is now available on playstore. Use this link to get the app installed on your android phone:-

"Airclinic is the first healthcare facilitaty built on the steem blockchain" by @nairadaddy. Getting all round attention and every question about your health answered is now a reality. Download the airclinic app using the link above and chat the doctor on duty available 24/7. I believe many will be of the opinion is the service FREE? Nothing good comes easy. Have a chat with the doctor on duty with just a token of 10 aircoin which will be deducted from your Ecr20 wallet for the service render. It is an amazing fact that you can have a live video chat with a doctor with just a sum of 20 aircoin isn't that wonderful..... Believe me using the aurclinic app will help you live a healthy lifestyle. Maintaining a good healthy lifestyle is possible, by reading the daily health social post to educate you about everything you need to know on health providing solutions to many health issues. Keep your health in check through daily update about your health status and earn 5 aircoin in return.


The first step has been fully explain about I.e through your daily updates on your health status post and earn 5 aircoin to your wallet. This will eventually lead us to the airclinic bounty program that is ongoing 13 days left and do not be left out.

Opportunity comes but once

This is a rare opportunity that is knocking at your doorpost. Grab this advantage of getting medical care at a cheaper rate tomorrow chance maybe very slim.


The airclinic App bounty program is ongoing 1million aircoin airdrop/bounty campaign is on 😂. This is your chance of getting lots aircoin in your wallet. Follow this link here: After a successful download your will be credited with some aircoin token. Visit the website daily to claim aircoin which will be distributed after the end of the campaign program. Lots of token to be claim for daily login, joining telegram, watching their YouTube video etc. It is your time to shine with airclinic. Let me tell you a little secret about the token 10 aircoin equals to 1 steem. Exchange site coming soon....!

Download the app, input your ecr20 wallet address and you are ready for business.

Aircoin App
IMG-20180726-WA0003.jpg Airclinic image 1,2&3
Aircoin is a smart media token. The aircoin app through their proof of health algorithm they give out aircoin to their user's as a result of participation or performing a particular task such as:-

  1. Login : get 2 aircoin daily for loging in the app. This is amazing and also another way of earning aircoin...

  2. Comments: make comments on every post on the app and get 1 aircoin token for each comment. You also stand the chance of getting 10 aircoin free by topping the comment list for the day.

  3. Daily status post : update your health status post daily and earn 5 aircoin to your wallet, it is just free. ..

  4. Post to steenit: Airclinic give out 10 aircoin token to every user's whose post is approved by the airclinic team good and free of plagiarism. Remember it must be health related post.

Airclinic is now available on playstore and it also support ecr20 wallet address. Join the moving train now, and get your wallet filled with aircoin now..... Let the hustle begin. Invest in this program by delegating sp or steam and in return to get 10x of what is donated in aircoin monthly. 21 of every month is when delegators get aircoin as a result of their donations towards the project. What are you still waiting for, your time start now..... Visit my blog daily for more info about the project or follow @airclinic for updates too.

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