Sultry Pantyhose Artworks In Video Featuring Daddy Kid's Fleek And Model Uzurael

Sultry Pantyhose Artwork Slideshow on YouTube!

Subscribe to @SultryPantyhose on YouTube and find a compilation of photographs including contemporary artworks on hosiery. Photographer Christian Sutter's (@Sutter) music industry pseudonym @DaddyKid offers artworks on pantyhose to the audience! Subscribe to the Daddy Kid website! Upcoming videos will include the music from the Daddy Kid Powers of Ten album! There are six more songs that will expose more content created during the first Sultry Pantyhose live broadcast on @DLive.

"The first creation includes a red heart. We only get one heart. It's symbolic of life's journey and love. Sultry Pantyhose is about expression and evoking emotion. The visual aesthetic of these pieces includes artwork viewable from nearly every angle. The series of artworks is numbered in order of creation"
"The second artwork is the only artwork that contains two colors of paint. The representation for the red eye with black outline is symbolic of relationships. We often see the very outside layer in others relationships. The wearer may be seeking a relationship or be drawing attention to their upper thigh. The art of attraction offers the ability to look back at one whom might leer."
"The third piece is black and white. The dark butterfly flies at the calf of the model Uzurael. The number three comes with symbolism in many things. Taking flight is a thought that evokes elevation or transcendence. Butterflies represent metamorphosis well. The evolution from idea into artwork has broken the cocoon of inhibition. This exhibition reveals diversity in artistic creation and opens a new door to invite Daddy Kid fans to join the Daddies Kids."
"The fourth artwork contains a royal star. The truth in my family origin is expressed within my artwork. At this point the realization of movement altering some areas of the star were revealed. However, artworks perfection is sometimes within it's unique perspective. A living canvas is subject to movement. And, no matter how Royal we are only human. There is charm within the star and music notes present on the piece."
"Speaking of Royalty. As legacy directly related to the French throne an image appearing fleur de lis like appears with a crown. The blue paint from the airbrush reflects nicely in these images. The sunlight worked with the photographs to create a popping sensation when looking at the color. The number five can become a symbol or Royalty as easily as a man or woman might when marrying a Royal. Perhaps, one day five will recall thoughts of Royals for some? The crown is consistent with five points. This artwork is well balanced."
"The blue moon in the sixth artwork is crescent. A similar moon appears within my own heraldry. The royal blue consistency is present within my mindsets thread. These artworks manifested themselves into existence. I've always enjoyed hashing out a crescent moon into an artwork. A crescent moon provides me with a sense of familial ties. The moon was nicely fit into thigh portion above the right knee. Six is another well balanced artwork."
"Seven is commonly a number that inspires the mind to think about luck. There are currencies well known for their green. The money symbol felt appropriate to include once reviewing the Sultry stencil application. If you're lucky than money might have a way of clinging to your legs. A money symbol is one that everyone can recognize. If you have luck you likely have money. Therefore, the number and symbol have been paired in this pair of white pantyhose."
"The most common of all things is a pair of pantyhose. Imagine all those wearing pantyhose right now. What makes a pair of pantyhose unique? How many pairs of leggings exist with a three leave clover? A three leaf clover was placed onto the calf area on the eight piece. Green appeared as a theme of luck. A four leave clover may appear as a lucky clover. But, to manifest yourself into existence is lucky. The four leave clover arrives from a plant species, commonly producing only three leaves, which offers a sense that there's luck concealed within. Therefore, the three leaf clover provides for additional explanation that can be offered in conversation. This artwork appears attention worthy when looking at it while worn in real life."
"The French Royal family and Sun King were omni present within my mind. At the time of creating this work the daylight was running away toward the horizon. The ninth piece in yellow paint offered the opportunity to fill area with the sun. Again, these artworks have familial ties. The pieces also come with ties to friends as well. Within the artworks there are shoutouts to those I've come to associate with in the past. To shine some light on the subjects inspiring this art creates influence. Those with understanding in relationship to symbolism may have enjoyed attending the content creation. I'm happy that the live stream went well."
"Heart shape knees have never been so obvious when considering these two yellow hearts existing on the tenth artwork. The number 1 and 0 exist on the back of the calf. The final peace was one that is expressive of the potential in future conjoining of hearts. Keeping your knees together in these pantyhose creates a symbolism that sustains love or passion. To continue this project would be advancing fashion, artwork, and the music industry. There's room for artworks like these in the marketplace of contemporary art collectors. There may be more provenances to come in the future that offers the travels of these artworks from this point on. I'm happy for the response from fans that appreciate my content offering artwork created in live broadcast on"

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