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Artwork created live on @DLive featured in live broadcast @SultryPantyhose on DLive!

The @SultryPantyhose collection of artworks including artwork 5 and 6 appear in compilation photo slideshow. @DaddyKid is a near genius when considering his photography publishing under the name @Sutter or Christian Thomas Sutter. The video on YouTube provides Daddy Kid fans with the sense that he's about the two chain movements "I'll do anything for my fans" concept. As close as you can come to a woman's 50 denier doesn't have to wait! Copy and share the link for the video above! Find Daddy Kid's songs like I AM KING on iTunes! Find the model Uzurael on Instagram and Facebook.

Artwork 5 : Artwork number five include a five pointed crown on the upper thigh. The airbrush was filled with blue paint that made for the fleur de lis style symbolism on the left calf. The number five is politely resting at the back of Uzureals right thigh.

Artwork 5 select photographs released on Instagram.
Artwork 6 : Artwork 6 is also painted in a fashion pairing artworks 5 and 6 by paint selection. The crescent moon is present above Uzurael's right knee open faced with points pointing into the inner thigh. The Sultry stencil provides balance to the forward appearance when pantyhose are worn and appears on the left inner thigh. The second appearance of the Sultry stencil begins at the back of Uzurael's right thigh stretching laterally across the outer thigh. The number 6 is present above the back of the left knee identifying the number of artwork within this collection of wearable artwork.
Artwork 6 select photographs released on Instagram.



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Nice work, congrats


Thank you so much! Follow @SultryPantyhose and @DaddyKid!

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