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My phone rang again, it was the fifth time my Mum would call me at work.
Ever since I agreed to be her plus-1 to her friend's birthday party, she had been calling about what dress to wear, what shoe to put on or what car to take.
I picked up the call, this time, she called to remind me use silver earrings. I really wonder why she's so specially interested in my looks today.

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We got to the Les' Enchanteur at exactly 6:00pm and as we were directed to the seats bearing our names, my Mum shouted something to her friend. I didn't hear what she said for that was when i first saw him.

I'm not a Hollywood- romantic but I believe everything else stopped.
I could feel my heart as it beat against my chest like a chiming clock in my body.

My Mum pulled my hand and that's when I returned to reality.
"He's fine abi?" she asked, smiling.
"He's also very respectful and responsible" she added, before I had a chance to respond.

And then it clicked in my head.
"Mum!!!" I exclaimed, thinking of the disturbing calls about my outfit.
I was about to scold her when someone greeted her from behind me. It was my moment-stopping fine man.

Two weeks went by and we were all over eachother. He was just perfect, good at everything he did, especially in the bedroom.
I could neither get my hands nor my mind off him.

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My heart jumped and fluterred whenever I saw him, and when he touched my cheeks, I would imagine my heart jumping all over the place like Annie in my niece's favorite movie.
His messages were my Heaven, until they became my hell.

One afternoon, exactly four weeks after I met Tunde, I got a text message from him.
And once again, time stopped.
I felt my heart squeeze. It squeezed so hard that I feared it would burst. That it would splash the blood red droplets all over the veins and arteries around it and leave them there, unattached, like me


Word Count: 350 words

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