About Sickle Cell: Why AS/SS can marry AS/SS

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I wrote this on the Awareness Day for sickle cell.

Sickle Cell children are born when two carriers get married two carriers decide to have a child by regular conception.
Not when they get married.


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The solution isn't by leaving the person you want to be with cause you both have the 'S'.
The solution is by deciding that you love that person more than the possibility of having a child with that person.

Hence, you decide whether you love that person or it's prospective the children that you can have with the person that you love.

BTW, 'Preimplantation Genetic Diagnosis and Screening' can prevent Sickle Cell children from arising from 2 carrier parents. ➕, there's always adoption.

Check it well, that person that you're so in love with is (might be) more in love with the prospects of having children with you. Regularly concieved biological children.

The moment they realise that those children may never becime existent, they flee.

Knowing your genotype allows you to make informed decisions of what you really want from (love in) that person.

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