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I got to my village around seven pm after a stressful journey, I was very happy to see my grandmother after a couple of months I left my village to proceed my education in a faraway city. Since it was already dark, I could not visit my friend that day but I called him to inform him of my arrival. I eat my indigenous meal (pounded yam) as my supper and slept off a few minute after I finish a very large portion of it. The first person I saw the following day was my friend tobi, he arrived as early as 7:50am. We were very happy to see each other after two months plus. Few minutes later, my grandmother called my attention that she need my help to go and bring her some yam from her farm. I try to convince my friend to follow me to my grandmother’s farm. After giving him a lot of reason, he agreed to follow me. I quickly took a sack and two cutlasses for both of us and we set out for farm. On our way to farm, we find out that the road was very bushy. So as to avoid walking in bush, we decide to clear the road first. All of a sudden, I felt that something hit my left leg from behind, on looking at my leg, it was covered in blood. My friend quickly took me to the nearest river to wash the wound. After a while, it stopped bleeding. That was how I returned home with a deep cut on my leg instead of a yam.

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