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Hello air clinicians and steemians 🤓 It is First Aid Friday,where we learn quick steps to saving lives before they are referred to a health expert.
We talked about Fever last week and we are going to be talking about Rectal bleeding this week.


Rectal bleeding can be defined as the passage of stool with blood. Rectal bleeding could either be mild or severe. In a severe case ,surgery maybe required.

Rectal bleeding is also known as haematochezia

Rectal bleeding can be either of this forms.

√ Blood on it's own with streaking stool

√ Stool mixed with blood

√ Blood separate from stool

√ Blood on tissue paper swap

√ Blood on surface of stool

√ Loose and foul smelling stool with blood stains

Causes of rectal bleeding

1.Anal fissure




6.Abnormalities in blood vessels near the intestine

7.Crohn's disease

8.Rectal trauma

9.Rectal ulcer

10.Polyps of the colon and rectum


Anal Fissure

Anal fissure is a small cut or tear On the skin that lines the anal canal. It is also called anal ulcer.


Hemorrhoid is the swelling and inflammation of blood vessels of the rectum due to excessive engorgement of blood which leads to bleeding. Hemorrhoid is commonly called pile
Hemorrhoid can either be external or internal.

External hemorrhoid are located outside the anal opening and are covered by sensitive skin and they can be easily seen.

Internal hemorrhoid are located inside the anal opening,they are usually accompanied with painless bleeding.

Crohn's Disease

Crohn's disease is a chronic inflammation of the digestive tract.


Infections are diseases caused by microorganisms. An example of a rectal infection caused by bacteria is Shigellosis.
Shigellosis is a bacteria infection caused by the bacteria shigella.


Constipation is an infrequent passage of stool due to nutritional imbalance.

Symptoms of rectal bleeding

1.Abdominal Pain


3.Diarrhea with blood cloths


5.Generalized pain and discomfort


Drink at least 8 glasses of water per day

Shower regularly to clean anus area

Do not sit on toilet sit for too long

Consume High Fiber diet such as rice, bread,cereal and corn

Apply icepacks on affected area to decrease pain

Rest and avoid strenuous activities.

If bleeding persists after 48 hours seek medical attention and avoid self medication

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You have a minor grammatical mistake in the following sentence:

### √ Blood on it's own with streaking stool.
It should be its own instead of it's own.