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Hello air clinicians and steemians 🤓 It is First Aid Friday,where we learn quick steps to saving lives before they are referred to a health expert.
We talked about Rectal bleeding last week and we are going to be talking about Cut this week.

Why cut?
We have cuts almost always,most times
√ While cutting vegetables,peeling fruits or tubers.
√ While fixing a bad appliance
√ Hitting sharp objects and careless handling of sharp objects.

A cut is the severing of a skin or opening made by a sharp object as a result of an accident. It could be minor or major.
There are different types of cuts but we would be talking about the major and most common types of cuts and they include
Incision,Puncture ,Laceration and Abrasion.
Types of Cuts
1.Incision : is a clean cut, made by a scalpel,a razor ,a glass during a dissection or a surgical operation.
2.Abrasion :superficial cut in which the epidermis of a skin is scrapped off
3.Laceration is an irregular deep cut caused by a blunt impact on a soft tissue.
4.Puncture : A small hole made by a sharp object.
5.Avulsion: is the separation of a body part either by trauma or by surgery.
Symptoms of a cut
How to prevent a cut
1.wear proper personal preventive equipment
2.Keep work area clear.
3.Handle sharp objects properly.
4.Concentrate while cutting vegetables.
5.Use proper lights when working on a spoilt appliance
6.Keep environment clean always.
First Aid for a cut
Sometimes a minor cut stops bleeding after a few minutes
While major cuts might continue bleeding until a first aid measure is taken
1.Apply gentle pressure with a cotton wool,bandage or a clean cloth.

  1. Hold cut with pressure for 20miniutes
    3.Rinse out wound with clean water. Do not use soap or any sanitizer to wash wound.
    4.Clean area around wound.
    5.Cover wound with a clean bandage.
    Note :
    1.Do not apply pressure on a mild cut.
    2.Do not apply cold compress to a cut.
    3.Do not use soap or any sanitizer to wash cut.
    4.Do not cough or sneeze on cut.
    5.Avoid all forms of contamination.
    Seek medical attention if bleeding persists after first aid and if cut is on head, abdomen or chest.

Having issues with your health ?
Or Would you want to learn basic tips to living an healthy life ??

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