FIRST AID FRIDAY (constipation)

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Hello air clinicians and steemians 🤓 It is First Aid Friday,where we learn quick steps to saving lives before they are referred to a health expert.
We talked about CUT last week and we are going to be talking about Constipation this week.


Constipation is a condition in which there is difficulty in emptying bowel with small or hard passage of stool caused by nutritional imbalance or an improper diet.
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Causes of constipation

1.Dehydration:low amount of water in the body system due to low intake and excessive consumption of alcohol and caffeine drinks.
2.Low or no roughage in diet : Roughages include vegetables and whole grain meals such as maize,nuts and legumes.
3.Lack of exercise: Exercise such as jogging,running and long walks helps improves bowel movement.
4.Withholding stools.
5.Disease conditions such as stroke and Parkinson's disease
6.Excessive use of laxatives.
8.A Sedentary lifestyle
Not moving or a state of inactivity
9.Irregular and inadequate feeding patten
11.Late night meals or meals few minutes before sleeping.

Symptoms of constipation

1.Dry and hard stool
2.Straining while stooling
3.Painful stooling
4.2-4 days interval between bowel movement.
5.Abdominal discomfort.

  1. Abdominal Cramps
    7.Tearing while stooling
    8.General body discomfort.

First Aid for Constipation

1.Drink lots of water.
2.Consume fluid diet
3.Eat lots of vegetables and fruits
5.Avoid frequent use of laxatives except when prescribed.
6.Consume high fiber diet meals
7.Exercise frequently
Exercise helps enhance bowel movement and contraction.
8.Eat fruits like oranges and water melon after every meal and before going to bed.
9.Avoid late night eating.
Dinner should be consumed before 7pm for an average adult and before 6pm for an elderly person.
10.Take copious warm water last thing in the night and first thing every morning.

  1. Practice good healthy bowel movement habit.
    Try to move bowel at least once everyday.
    12.Avoid dry and hard form of meals Such as chips,popcorns and general dry snacks.
    13.Avoid bread as much as possible.
    14.Take enough water while eating.

How to prevent constipation

1.Have a healthy work out plan for example 15minutes walk daily.
2.Eat whole grain meals.
3.Drink water before and after meals and for the start and the close of the day.
4.Eat more of leguminous meals such as beans and soybeans.
6.Consume oatmeals for breakfast.
8.Avoid laxatives except when prescribed by your doctor.
Seek medical attention if constipation continues after first aid.
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