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Fainting is a temporary loss of consciousness resulting from a low flow of blood to the brain. Fainting is called SYNCOPE by medical personnel.
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It was on 30th of May 2018, I went to NYSC secretariat to get my posting Letter. Before that day I passed through a lot of stress cause of the posting letter. So when I got the secretariat I went to Mr Lanre's Office to get my Letter. I collected the letter from him and I checked my Place of Primary Assignment. I was over joyous cause it's my dream place (Yeah I am going to lecture). I left his office to do necessary documentation. I went to meet my Friend (Olawale). On our way leaving the premises we met NYSC STATE COORDINATOR at the car park. He called me and asked " Is this Nysc Uniform, you wearing?, Why did you slim fit it? Oh yeah give me your posting letter." His face suddenly changed to Loin face. I was so scared. I was trying to explain "Sir, the trouser was too big, that's why sir".
Before I knew it he snatched the letter from my hand, took out his pen and wrote " REJECTED" on the letter. It was a shock to me, I couldn't breathe by myself and I fainted. It was inside the ambulance bus I partially gain consciousness, I saw my friend Olawale and Mr. Lanre with me. The ambulance was taking to the Teaching Hospital in the town. That moment I was still in shock of what really happened,"State Coordinator wrote Rejected on my posting Letter" "That's my dream PPA" " Will I be penalized and my service will be canceled?". Those were my thought, and I fainted back.
I gained consciousness fully at the hospital with oxygen. I opened my eyes widely and I saw 5 Medical Doctors and 2 nurses. One of the Doctors called my name and asked what happened, I explained everything to him, that it was "SHOCK". He termed it "ANXIETY." I did various laboratory test and I was discharged in the evening of that same day.
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