Air-Clinic Is Important For Indonesian To Get Health And Rewards

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This is quite humiliating, but I can’t lie that Indonesia needs help about healthcare problems. Not only it is too expensive but the most pathetic one is that we have problems with doctors and hospitals who do not care about health at all. What do they care is just about money, they prioritize the money that come from drugs companies who give them sponsors and facilities instead of thinking more about their patients. As an example, I met a lot of friends and families who got “punish” to have hemodialysis immediately even though they can get help without it. Some of them then went to another countries such as Singapore and Malaysia to get second opinion, and it turned out they do not need hemodyalisis at all. Just imagine what happened to those who do not know and do not have enough money to get second opinion abroad? This is sick and must be stopped.

Air-Clinic is more than just being healthy but also to earn rewards!

Two months ago, during fasting month, a friend of mine who is Steemian came to my house. She was crying and asked for help. Her husband quit from his job because the company he was working was bankrupt. Then he tried to support the family by being online motorcycle driver, but he got very ill because he was working very hard. He was collapsed and taken to the hospital, doctor said he had heart problems and of course, they have to pay a lot of money for the medication. This family have health insurance called BPJS which organized by the government, they have been paid for more than a year, but since they have economic problems, they delayed the payment. They need money for their kids. So, they can’t used this insurance unless they pay all their debts first. They cant even go to the hospital because they have no insurance and money to pay. That is why she was crying and try to get helps from anybody. I was so angry at that time, I could not believe that is happening. I went to the hospital and asked for the policy, and it is true. The hospital can’t do anything and they have no intention at all to help, unless we got the money or paid all this insurance debt. I was speechless and I was thinking about my friend, especially her kids. I wonder where is the money that they already gave to the government every month for their insurance. I am sure they are not the only one, with the economic situation at the moment, there must be a lot of people out there who experience the same. BPJS is not insurance for poor and low economic people, it is just for middle up, so much different from its campaign before. Though perhaps it is not that much for middle to upper class citizen, but IDR 150.000 which equal to US $ 15 a month, for the whole family (father, mother, and 2 children) is too much for lower and poor people. This family finally got helped to pay all the insurance debt and also for the medication they spent before they can use this insurance. Thank God! But, then, I can’t believe this is happening. Really! Doctor said that his kidney is having problems, and I was curious about it. My father had problems with his heart and after a few months medication, he was diagnosed having failed kidney and need to get hemodialysis. I discussed with a lot of doctors and my friends, and they said it must be because of those drugs during the medication. Not all people are strong enough to get those strong drugs and mostly then got failed kidney. I was very upset as well, because at that time, my father’s kidney was still 38% working but doctor suggested to get hemodialysis on that they. My mom at that time did not understand and agreed with the doctor. Later, I found out from a doctor in Singapore, that it is not supposed to be like that. We need to have further exams and avoid hemodialisis as much as possible because his kidney was still 38% working. My dad past away after 4 years having hemodialysis, 3 times a week. At that time, we need to pay most of the medication costs, because the government insurance for him did not accept all costs. We were struggling to paid everything for my dad, and though now the government insurance accept the hemodyalisis cost, but still it is not comfortable at all to know there are people out there who got punished by their doctors just like that. This is insane!

How Air-Clinic Rewards Healthy Living

When I read about air clinic on their website : and their whitepaper :, I am so happy. Finally I found healthcare programs on blockchain, and this is very important. My mind was here and there thinking what can we do with this air clinic programs in Indonesia. This is very good and supposed to be able to help a lot of Indonesian to get better and “right” medication, especially for the poor and lower economic citizens. I do really support this program so much, especially now they have massive airdrops and bounty programs, you can check it on this website: and It will worth it to invest their coins, this air clinic program will be known and supported by the world :

Air-Clinics does share a lot of coins for all to be part of the next step of healthy living on Blockchain

The good thing about air-clinic, they also have app which you can download from google store : There are a lot of benefits we can get by downloading and install this application, we can even discuss about our health problems and issues over there. For me this is good news, and should be spread all over the world and Indonesia for sure, this could become a solution for a lot of Indonesian to get the best opinion about their health and medication. They do not have to spend too much money to go abroad, and for the poor and lower economic citizens, they can get help as well. And the best thing as well is that they can get help and reward from air-clinic, so they should not worry too much about their medication costs, it will help all of us, a lot! Please visit this important air clinic links, this is very important: - Android playstore : - Website: - Twitter: - Facebook: - Discord: - WhatsApp : whatsapp://chat?code=1h5m4tsLpniJRQG2YThFIQ - Medium Blog: Bandung, September 4th, 2018 Warm Regards, Mariska Lubis

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Jangan sampai setelah membaca tulisan @mariska.lubis ini, pasien yang perlu cuci darah malah menolaknya. Padahal banyak orang meninggal karena tidak mau di HD. Indikasi HD jelas, saat gagal ginjal mencapai stadium 5, wajib HD. Bila tidak, racun dalam tubuh tidak bisa dikeluarkan melalui urin, ureum dan creatinine meningkat. Dapat menyerang otak, jantung dan hati.

Dan, perlu diingat, penderita jantung, sangat rentan mengalami gagal ginjal, bahkan bisa terjadi bersamaan karena perfusi ke jaringan dan organ seperti ginjal akan berkurang (oksigen berkurang karena pompa jantung yg lemah). Penyebab paling sering gagal ginjal adalah Hipertensi dan Diabetes Mellitus.

Terkait vonis, dokter telah belajar bertahun-tahun, tentu tidak sembarangan vonis, bila tidak sesuai indikasi dan diagnosis.

Terkait pelayanan BPJS, misalnya kartu seseorang tidak aktif. Tidak patut serta merta menyalahkan Rumah sakit apalagi menyalahkan dokter. Toh, dokter hanyalah pelaksana. Yg patut bertanggung jawab adalah Pemerintah beserta jajarannya. Tuntaskan kemiskinan, salah satunya, biar masyarakat punya uang untuk membayar asuransi kesehatan.

Sekali lagi, modalitas pengobatan gagal ginjal, yang paling mudah diakses adalah HD. Tapi terapi paling ideal adalah transplantasi ginjal.

Salam hangat


Terima kasih masukkannya... Tidak semua dokter seahli dirimu dan banyak sekali kasus ini terjadi dan kita tidak bisa tutup mata. Ini kejadian berulang yang sering terjadi dan sudah sering dibahas juga, solusi tetap harus dicari, tidak bisa dibiarkan walaupun kesalahan hanya terjadi pada satu orang karena itu menyangkut nyawa orang lain, dan saya pikir dokter akan sangat paham soal hal ini.

Mengenai BPJS, saya paham itu bukan kesalahan dokter, yang saya pertanyakan adalah justru pihak pemerintah yang menangani BPJS, kenapa sampai bisa terjadi? Asuransi ditolak bukan karena rumah sakit, tetapi karena BPJS yang menolak membayarnya. Ke mana uang mereka selama ini yang sudah membayar?

Soal transplantasi ginjal, ketika ayah saya sakit, saya sudah keliling ke mana-mana dan ke berbagai dokter, transplantasi ginjal belum tentu solusi, karena banyak yang akhirnya harus kembali HD. Itu yang membuat dokter ayah saya tidak menyarankan ayah saya tranplantasi, selain pertimbangan ekonomi dan juga kesehatan ayah saya sendiri. ;)



Pengobatan gagal ginjal memang tidak mudah. Sangat sulit malah. Para ahli di seluruh dunia, sepakat bahwa solusi terbaik pengobatan gagal ginjal adalah transplantasi (bila berhasil), sehingga pasien terbebas dari penderitaan HD yang menyakitkan. Tetapi, terapi ini butuh biaya yang sangat besar, dan sulitnya menemukan donor yg ideal, apalagi banyak yang gagal akibat penolakan imun. Namun, banyak juga yg berhasil dan tidak perlu HD lagi, hidup seperti manusia sehat lainnya.

Sebagai pengingat bagi kita semua, gagal ginjal merupakan penyakit stadium akhir (ketika ginjal tidak mampu mengeluarkan racun dari dalam tubuh). Bila tidak di HD atau transplatasi, pakai cara apalagi mengeluarkan toksin-toksin tersebut. Bila dibiarkan tanpa HD dan teknik-teknik turunannya, justru karena itulah penyebab banyak pasien tidak tertolong. Langkah terbaik adalah mencegahnya jangan sampai terjadi, dengan mengobati secara dini dan teratur penyebabnya seperti Darah Tinggi, Diabetes, Batu Ginjal, Prostat, hingga kanker rahim, dan hindari juga obat-obatan yang dijual bebas serta herbal-herbal yang khasiatnya belum jelas.

Saya sepakat, pelayanan kesehatan di Indonesia mesti diperbaiki secara menyeluruh. Penduduk kita ratusan juta di ribuan pulau, Sedangkan dokter ahli masih sangat minim dibanding jumlah penduduk. Apalagi, peralatan canggih hanya dimiliki sejumlah kecil RS, itupun di kota-kota besar. Dengan Singapor? Kita sangat super jauh ketinggalan... :)


Itulah... kamu masuklah jadi dokter air-clinic... biar membantu lebih banyak masyarakat Indonesia... sangat sedikit dokter yang punya kemampuan komunikasi dan rendah hati sepertimu...

Rumah sakit di indonesia tidak dapat melakukan apa-apa terhadap pelayanannya kepada masyarakat kecuali kita mendapatkan uang atau membayar semua utang asuransi .

Sungguh tragis emang melihat kenyataan yang terjadi di negri yang terkenal Kaya hasil bumi ini, terhadap pelayanan kepada masyarakat.
Saya pernah mengalami ini di saat masa sulit, ketika melakukan perobatan dirumah sakit dengan biaya yang mahal.
Dan lebih tragis lagi saat warga miskin menerima pelayanan yang tak selayaknya.

tentang klinik udara di situs web mereka: whitepaper mereka:

Saya juga sangat setuju dengan perkembangan ini.
Saya juga berharap akan peogram ini berkembang pesat yang sangat bermanfaat bagi masyarakat miskin.
Terimakasih kakak @mariska.lubis
Salam hangat dan sehat selalu bersama keluarga...


Coba dibaca tentang air-clinic ini, saya berharap kita bisa mendapatkan sesuatu yang berguna dan bermanfaat bagi Indonesia di masa depan agar masalah kesulitan mendapatkan pelayanan kesehatan tidak lagi ada di Indonesia.


Iya kakak
Kita berharap kedepannya pelayanan kesetan di negri kita berjalan semaksimal mungkin dan tidak memilah di bidang status ekonomi.

Sukses selalu dan sehat selalu kakak ku,,, amin....

Salam sukses kakak @mariska.lubis


sukses juga untukmu dan semua ya...


Ya kakak @mariska.lubis, terima kasih.

Inilah persoalan yang belum tuntas dari rumah sakit mbak. Saya pikir cuma di Aceh yang bermasalah dengan kita berobat ke rumah sakit, ternyata masih banyak kejadian yang sama di luar sana, ini sangat miris, kita semua berharap ke depannya semoga ada pelayanan dan upaya untuk perubahan lebih baik lagi dari pihak rumah sakit. Selamat beristirahat mbak @mariska.lubis, salam hangat selalu😊


wah di sini malah parah banget, belum lagi di berbagai daerah lain, karena di sini juga kan biaya hidup serta segalanya lebih mahal dibandingkan di Aceh...


waduhh, ternyata lebih parah lagi di sana ya mbak, untunglah kami masyarakat di sini, dalam hal biaya lainnya, belum sampai mencekik leher, mbak mariska pindah ke Aceh aja, biar kami Steemian disini bisa sering ketemu sama mbak hehe

Mantap,, semoga ada perubahan kedepanya lebih baik


amin... semoga ya...

Maaf telat hadir, mengamati sajian dan paparan teh @mariska-lubis dan teman-teman pada malam hari ini rasanya cukup masuk di akal, karena dalam beberapa kesempatan baik di Aceh maupun di Bekasi saya sudah sangat sering mengalaminya. Saya dan yang lainnya mungkin berharap suatu saat tatanan negri ini akan berubah, karena nilai-nilai kemanusiaan sudah tidak lagi jadi patokan, yang ada hanya ketebalan kantong. Kita tak ubahnya sebagai papan penggilasan. Hmm sampai kapan? Hanga Allah yang tau. Terimakasih sajiannya teh, betul-betul luar biasa

Terima kasih Mbak @mariska.lubis, atas info ini, saya sangat setuju dengan Air clinik, ini salah satu solusi dan bisa di bilang tekhnologi baru dalam pelayanan kesehatan.

Semoga dengan adanya air clinic dari blockchain ini, masyarakat dapat terbantu dalam menangani masalah kesehatan.

Bravo air clinic dan sukses selalu buat Mbak @mariska.lubis.

Salam hangat dari dataran tinggi gayo.

Kita doakan semoga bisa berkembang pesat agar masyarakat bisa menikmatinya

Semoga kedepannya ada perubahan, walaupun tak sama dengan hospital luar negeri, hampir sama kira dah oke.