Air-clinic FM TGIF with @joeycrack

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TGIF and it's going to be another fun evening on clinic-FM.
For those of us hearing of this for the first time, @air-clinic is the first of its kind, a hospital built on the steem blockchain, it's a place where we learn amazing stuff, get to meet lots of amazing steemians. We also get rewarded for making a quality health-related post via air-curie and also non-health post. @air-clinic is a lot of fun every evening by 8 pm UTC, we get to discuss very interesting topics on the clinic-FM.

It's another interesting Friday when we get to have very interesting discussions and enjoy good music.
So today we are going to be discussing sports.

I bet among football fans around the world, Liverpool fans are the happiest at the moment following their qualification for the UEFA Champions League after thirteen (13) good years whoops that's more than a decade.
So what are your thoughts on the final between Liverpool cf and Real Madrid Cf? come online tonight lets have that discussion.

If you are not a lover of soccer we would love to know more about that sports you are very much interested in and if you are not a fan of any sports hmmm well, there must be a reason for that come online and share with us tonight. Everyone has something to offer, It promises to be an amazing night today on the clinic-FM with a lot of party jamz

Download discord app from Playstore, join with this link Follow the procedures, then connect to voice on clinic fm. Conversation is done on the clinic fm dashboard. I'll be waiting to receive y'all. And if you're already on Air-Clinic, please do not miss tonight. Music, and talk session. I look forward to seeing you all tonight.
much love.