Airclinic : meme 7-9

in air-clinic •  2 months ago

Meme is the best way to communicate with a layman who for one reason or the other has no educational back up. Words can be forgotten but images will always save in the subconscious of the mind.

  • This is the typical reaction of a person staying with people who always intimidate him with money and health talk. The meme is decoded as. "What you are doing in the offline hospital, I do it online double"

  • The meme indicates how airclinic has made life so easy. The meme is decoded as "The time I will use to stand waiting for a doctor in the offline hospital, I'll use it to relax will airclinic doctors serve me"

  • This is the reaction of your friends when you finally let out your secret.

#### Image source MakeAMeMe

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