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Bromihidrosis, osmihidrosis all known as "Body odour " is a topic of concern to me at this point on time.
I'm writing this out due to the awful experience I had at my mums shop.
I was actually rounding up for the day and suddenly a man rushed into the shop and demanded for an item. That instant I looked at his face for seconds and rushed to get this item. This man was actually sweating profusely especially in his armpit region.
Excessive sweating is called hyperhidrosis as well.
Now besides this excessive sweats he had a thick unpleasant and pungent smell.
It was as though the smell of alcohol and urine was mixed with his sweats, that smell was so offensive that I rushed out of the shop to gasp for air, I was so suffocating. This man has passed the stage of puberty hence a full adult.

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I would love to write something meaningful on this topic Body Odour.

What is Body Odour?

This is an offensive, unpleasant and pungent odour that makes you as a person uncomfortable, makes you loose your self esteem and confidence most times not knowing how to deal with it. This smell likewise makes those in your environment more irritated and uncomfortable.
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Bacterias on the skin thrive more when you provide a breeding place for them. This bacteria on the skin goes ahead to break down acids present in the sweat produced.

Body part changes in odor affects

  1. The armpits
  2. Genitals.
  3. Groin.
  4. Pubic hairs.
  5. Belly button.
  6. Anus.
  7. Under the neck and to the rest of the skin.

Anyone can produce body odour, because the apocrine sweat glands develop in adults and is able to produce the sweat that quickly breaks down.

In your opinion I wonder what gender has more tendency to have body odour.

What could really cause a body odour?

  1. Being overweight:
    This makes it almost a tasking activity scrubbing the body properly. Most of the dirts hide up in those fatty folds. It is very critical to wash your body parts properly with a good sponge, soap and enough water even though you aren't overweight.

  2. Not having a shower regularly:
    After going through activities of the day, most find it a habit to retire to their beds without removing those stinking clothes and undies nor having a bath.

  3. Wearing dirty clothes :
    Putting on unwashed clothes would makes matters worse for you, it is
    necessary you wash your dirty clothes to avoid this offensive smell.

  4. Certain foods, drinks such as alcohol, unfriendly weather could as well cause cause a body odour.
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  5. Certain disease conditions do cause body odour:
    Such as tooth decay, obesity, metabolic disorders, stress, infection, pneumonia, hormonal imbalance, diabetes, etc.

You may ask yourself is it possible to manage or even treat a body odour?

Oh yes sure you can, I understand that because of how you smell you could bring persons closer to you or even as a result of your smell be repulsive.
A body odour would make people flee from you and uncomfortable whenever you come around them. You really do not have to loose hope for as long you maintain a good hygiene you're having that confidence back.
Smelling good is good business as well😁.

This is a ride on things you already know but need to be reminded of.

  1. You need to take good care of your body, the armpit region accumulates much sweat and germs. Hence there is a need to concentrate on that region when scrubbing while bathing, wash and rinse the armpit well.
  2. Keep the armpit clean and dry.
  3. Use a soap that has a good lasting fragrance and lathers well.
  4. Shave your armpit hairs regularly.
  5. Shave the hairs in your pubic region when it has overgrown.
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  6. Use a deodorant or an antiperspirant after having a bath, this would help you have a good fragrance through the day.
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  7. Use good body sprays that aren't too harsh.
  8. Wear clean and dry clothes.
  9. Wash all regions of the body including your buccal cavity with a toothbrush and toothpaste and even gargle a mouthwash.
  10. Wear clothes that allow your skin to breath, it would help sweat evaporate faster.
  11. There's a need to avoid accumulating dirty clothes, don't join clean clothes with dirty ones. Don't be too lazy to wash clothes you wore yourself, use a clean detergent and soap.
  12. Reduce those things you eat and drink that makes you smell.
  13. Ladies always wash your inner wears well. images (58).jpg

Please note that antiperspirants often block the sweating action of the glands, most are linked to breast and prostrate cancer.

Feeling refreshed and smelling good is the best
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Take care of your body today
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It indeed can be irritating to stay near someone with bad odour. Thanks for this post. I hope it acts as caution to many people.

Exactly Sir @mrbreezewrites thanks so much for dropping by and reading through

You're welcomed ma

I think, it is a very complete explanation about cause-effect and problem solving of body odor. Thanks for sharing.

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This article has shed light on some salient matters that affects the human life in so many aspects. You may be interested that body odour gives way to lack of confidence, how? Assume a person works tirelessly and suffers the fate of profuse sweating, he/she may loose that self confidence when it comes to standing in the gap for what or how a task was carried out cos of the way people detest body odor, people frown at those who have body odor, its smell may chase people away from you, in the same vein, people with good body fragrance are been attracted.
Keep good care of your body, preach that gospel dear. Your write up is worthy of a @curie upvote @eunireal1

Venerable Dan I want to say a big thank you for dropping a comment related to this post on Bromihidrosis. This subject was prompted by an adult who came by mums shop 2days back, as much as I look forward to seeing him again to give him tips on managing body odour I saw it wise as well to spread the information on what it is all about, it's causes and management.
Thanks once more with time we all would be recognized for great post.
Remain a relentless steemian.

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I know a friend of mine that stinks and I dont hide it from him..... I always make it know to him

But wats d solution
Those guys actually need help
Most especially those with mouth odour

@mittymartz as you said he is a friend of yours, would you mind taking it up as a duty to ensure he takes his hygiene to a 100% before the month ends.
Remind him of the need to shave his pubic hairs.
Remind him to wash his clothes and sun them properly, as a friend you could get him a nice deodorant and body spray. This would go a long way ensure he has his bath and sponges himself well.
For the mouth odour, this days people rarely do not care about how they smell on your part remind him to brush his teeth with a good dental paste, if possible get him a mouth wash so he gargles and rinses his mouth every morning and evening. He should as well brush his teeth after consuming meals that enhances bad breath.

All this outlined when taking to heart,will go a long way in curbing body odour.thanks alot

Very educating post