Clinic-Fm: Thankful Thursday #6 and Curation Day #2

in air-clinic •  10 months ago


Hi steemians. It's another Thursday to be thankful. It's still all about love this week.
Tonight our topic is "would you employ the services of a match maker or wait till love finds you?"
We also will have our curation session where we get to upvote/curate your recent works so long as you follow the rules here.
Last week's curation was awesome as those of us in attendance got @surpassingoogle's upvote for just commenting on one of us post @mike4christ. Also @antigenx got the best post reward for the week which was @air-clinic's upvote! So do not miss tonight's show.
While all this is going on we would be listening to all romantic music mostly by request. So tonight come have fun and make a song request to your steemit crush!


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Would have loved to drop a comment here but will save it for the show tonight