Air-clinic writing contest: The Young Dj

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Poverty, a sad statement and reality is simply defined as a state of insufficient resources.

The third definition of poverty given by Merriam Webster is debility due to malnutrition. Is that clear? "debility due to malnutrition".
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Nnamdi, a young boy hustling his way through life without any form of parental support. He is a promising Dj who works at a local bar and gets enough money to eat at least twice a day.

On getting home one day from a friend's place, he realised that his room has been burgled, the sight of emptiness in the room first increased his heartbeats. There was a sudden constriction around his throat. His clothes, foodstuffs, provisions and most importantly his laptop and sound devices has been stolen.

He just acquired that laptop from the money he got after selling off his phone and doing some menial jobs. Without his laptop, there's no work and without work, there's no money. Nnamdi was very devastated, all that came to his head was the bleak future ahead of him.
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Weeks passed by, Nnamdi still seems miserable. He rarely eats these days. He has moved from a friend's place to another in order to get something to atleast begin with but everyone he meets seems to have an important thing to do with their money. Nobody has time for Nnamdi. Nobody wants to be burdened.

Nnamdi was very frustrated. The little money he could come up with was spent on feeding. He decided to opt for cheap painkillers. The local chemist gave him LODAMART, a cheap painkiller. Whenever he takes this drug, he noticed he didn't feel hungry. He increased his dosage so he could use his money for other things.
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Weeks later, Nnamdi is rushed to the hospital by a neighbour who found him lying lifelessly in his room. "What's the problem with him sir?" Austin (the neighbour) asked the doctor. "I'm afraid your friend has severe peptic and duodenal ulcers, he hasn't been eating properly for a long time now". The doctor resplied Austin.
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Word count=344
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What a tragedy. If you have food to eat please, thank God. Life is really funny.

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