How To Maintain A positive Attitude (Despite Negative Circumstances)

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In the game of life, it’s not the major things which determine success or failure, happiness or misery; it’s our attitude towards life and circumstances that matters. 80% of happiness or unhappiness will come from your relationships with people, while 20% would come from what life throws at you.

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A positive attitude doesn’t mean ignoring life’s troubles. It just means being an optimist and looking for the good in things, rather than being a pessimist and concentrating on the bad things. Sometimes your perspective can make all the difference in the world.source

There are no guarantees in life, life is not a bed of roses, but with the right attitude towards life, every day can be worth living.

These are the benefits of having a positive attitude in life.

    You don’t have to be super wealthy in order to achieve happiness; a positive attitude awakens it and also sustains it.

    A positive attitude could serve as a motivation to others, and to you too.

    Having a positive attitude towards life builds your self-esteem and self-confidence too, this tends to reduce the negative thoughts about life.



    People with a positive attitude are known to have reduced stress level; they are more energetic and healthy than people who have a negative attitude towards life.

    People with a positive attitude in life get along very well with other people. They provide a source of inspiration, joy, and happiness to them and these people also long to be with them


    Birds of the same feather flock together they say. Surrounding yourself with people like you would help to maintain a positive mindset about life as a whole.



    A warm friendly smile and show of sincerity is a tough combination to beat.

    Self-motivation includes our resilience and optimism and our ability to stay focused and committed to our life goals.

  • EXERCISE FREQUENTLY- deep breaths relaxes and slows our heart rate and helps the body to go from a high arousal state to a low arousal state thereby tries to balances the body’s homeostasis. Frequent exercise changes our physiological state which could affect our attitude in the long run in a positive way.

    our ability to successfully manage our negative emotions and thoughts so that they do not overwhelm our positive attitude is another important lesson to learn.



  • SET THE EMOTIONAL TONE AND RIGHT ATTITUDE ALWAYS – Emotions can be transferred to other people, it’s like contagious like a virus so is an attitude. In order to maintain a positive attitude, we must detect the tune of our emotions and attitude. Remember the proverb.

    He who pays the Piper detects the tune.

    the ability to identify and flee from negative situations would help to maintain and sustain your positive mindset in life


Mal Hancock was in high school facing a promising career in athletics when a fall paralyzed him from the waist down. He was hospitalized for a very long time, while in the hospital, Mal had a positive attitude about life, instead of complaining about the nurses waking him for his routine meds, he made a cartoon about it and the nurses all loved it. Not long, all the nurses in the hospital would stop by to see what Mal had for them each day.
It wasn’t long before he sold one of those cartoons to a magazine which launched him to a successful career as a cartoonist. His first cartoon was called ‘Hospital Humour’

This story teaches us that even when you can’t do anything about a particular situation, you can do a lot about your attitude towards the situation.

Don’t worry about what you cannot change, instead, use that energy in a positive and productive way. If you don’t like your state in life, don’t worry about it, do something about it. Worry less and act more, because worrying like the rocking chair won’t take you anywhere.

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If you consistently do your best, the worst won’t happen
B.C Forbes

Challenges are what make life interesting; Overcoming them is what makes life meaningful. Don't limit your challenges, challenge your limits and always have a positive attitude.

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A fantastic read as usual! You always do justice to your topics bruv! Cheers


@mosunomatunde.. Just trying to be a better version of my erstwhile self. I guess I'm not doing badly😋 with every new opportunity given.

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Tanx @air-clinic , nice work @menoski.
@air-clinic rocks

Most times, when things go soar, I just remember I'm still alive for a reason and I dont start worrying about tomorrow rather I take whatever comes and live for the moment. It has helped me through depression and suicidal thoughts alot of time.


@michellesamson, There is no reason whatsoever to have suicidal thoughts dear, I'm glad I shared this timely, hope u have a badass team of good friends. I can recommend some based on geographical location if you need recommendations


The recommendation woulr help alot. I'm in nigeria.


Lol..i can totally relate the Nigerian experience. Glad u found this interesting.


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You nailed it. I could never have written better than this on this topic. Well explained too in the forum. I enjoyed it. Great kudos


Im glad you enjoyed your read. Thanks for your support.

Here's my little contribution @antigenx
A positive attitude, is like a magnet, it'll definitely attract good people, good things and good vibes to you everytime.
Nice writeup✌👌


Join us on @air-clinic lets further discuss . thanks for your contribution. I love it..

We all need to be optimistic in life no matter the situation on ground.....anxiety has become the order of the day... Why worry over things you cannot change.....
Thanks for sharing @antigenx


Glad you liked it @joagawu

Nice post dear. There is one thing having a positive attitude towards a challenge and there is another thing sustaining it. Maintaining it in your context was very educative and impactive especially helpful. Another remedy by me is speaking to your self in a mirror, it's much more practical. Thanks for this


Wonderful contribution @maduprecious.

Another remedy by me is speaking to your self in a mirror, it's much more practical.

I totally love it.

Thanks for inspiring me this evening doc. Salutations


Thanks for stopping by brother..

thanks for this. There's a counter trend to "positive thinking"... the "negative thinking".. their argument "positive thinking can be denial of what's real"

They may be right... Being overly positive can indeed be a denial... But so can being negative (it's avoiding to take responsibility to make the best out of life)

"Positive" people have it easier. It's such a question about attitude. Shit happens in life. But how we deal with it is our choice.

thanks for sharing this!
Best wishes to you, :)


Your input is very cool. Thanks for sharing your lovely contribution.


thanks @antigenx! and thanks for sharing this post!
Have a good day!! :)

I agree with your points, except the Forbes quote: "If you do your best the worst won't happen". Sometimes, the worst does happen, but complaining about it doesn't help. Circumstances can be quite dire, but having a negative attitude only makes it harder to get through. Certainly, surround yourself with positive people--don't abandon the poor complainers, but help them at arms length.
Good positive post.


@agmoore lol, no comments about your stance. Im glad we still agree on something..

Certainly, surround yourself with positive people--don't abandon the poor complainers, but help them at arms length

Thanks for contributing.

Lots of helpful tips there . ;)

· glad you like it 😋

We should keep a positive reference of mind no matter what the circumstances.


I totally agree @shaheerbari

This is an awesome piece, its hard to deal with negativity some days but these tips will help. The benefits you have listed are food for thought too for those that don't have a positive mind set. Thanks for sharing.


@insideoutlet in the building...yeee🤗. Im glad you totally love my "food for thoughts". Thanks for coming around dear. Hope you can make your appearances more


@antigenx With more time I would love too, I hope to find some soon, I have had a killer migraine for a few days which makes using the PC hard.


Sorry about that, hope you avoid the triggers. I know the feeling of a migraine. Stay healthy for the blockchain.


Haha love that im staying healthy for the blockchain. Lol. Have a great week.

Hmm... No matter what, life is not perfect. You just gave me what I would like to call, "cold tea on a hot day" thanks so much dear


Seems you are a lover of tea lol.. Im glad you enjoyed the article. enjoy your brand of tea dear @chiknows

Any inspirational posts like this always welcome. In this fast paced word people are never cares about the well being of even their own family..Negativity is spreading everywhere and seeing such posts are a relief..

Hope someone may follow this..

a positive attitude


@olamax in the building...welcome bro.

Like seriously, this is just the PERFECT article to start my day with


@caesar816 .. Hope your day remains in this present state of yours..