Air Clinic Brings More Than Just Healthcare

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Air-Clinic is a revolutionary, Blockchain-based healthcare platform. The entire economy of Air clinic centers around its smart tokens called Aircoin. Air Clinic has just released their app on the Google Play Store. The air clinic app was released on the 21st of August.

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More Than Just A Healthcare App

If one were to mention about healthcare to anyone, it is not rare for someone to perceive Air-clinic to be a platform where people seek medical assistance. This is true and while Air-clinic does offer some rather solid consultation by healthcare professionals on the Air-clinic app, the app also does more than that.

In the Air-clinic app, you will find many contributors who have contributed some great health articles. They say that prevention is better than cure. Rather than relying on Air-clinic app as the app to use when one gets sick, I would rather see it as my daily app and there are two features. The first feature being its robust library of health related articles.

What makes the Air-clinic healthcare app a truly comprehensive healthcare app is how it crowd-sources some great articles on how to live healthily. I particularly love to read these articles as a form of reminder for me to start living a healthier lifestyle. A particularly great article is this one that I was reading up today on measuring one's alcohol intake. I don't normally chug my alcohol on a daily basis, but its a good reminder not to overindulge on the wine. This comes in handy at social events.

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Some of the articles may seem like common knowledge, but it may be new to some. Thus, if one were to read up on the health articles posted there, they may find a particular part of their lifestyle, like alcohol intake to be particularly harmful. This could prompt them to change before any serious damage is done. Furthermore, the Air-clinic healthcare app also has an episode called 'Ask Any Medical Question'. This is a great way for anyone to head on and get their medical questions answered for free! This leads me to the second feature of this app is the social aspect of the app.

The app rewards you for comments that you leave on any of the articles. This increases engagement between the writer and the reader. Aside from that, the app also allows you to post your health status. This I believe creates some form of accountability and pushes you to live healthily. Besides, you do get rewarded for posting some great achievements in your post.

Wait, There's More!

Air-clinic currently has a huge bounty program. It has set aside 1 million coins for the airdrop. I believe that Air-clinic is off to a great start simply because it addresses a pain point. That is to bring affordable medical care to the masses. Since you need its token, Aircoin for transactions, I won't miss out on scoring some aicoins. All you have to do is to head on to the Google Play Store and download the app.

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In addition, you can also delegate Steem power to Air-clinic. A delegation of 100 Steem power will get you about 1000 Aircoins monthly. Do hurry over to download the app before the supply of 1 million Aircoins is exhausted. Last but not least, I highly encourage that you do your research on Air-clinic. You can do so by checking them out on their website, Twitter, Facebook and Medium. I have also included the link to their app below. If you believe in what they are doing, do consider delegating to them. I would be sticking with them instead of Web-Md.



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