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Hello Air-Clinicians & Friends,

Since about 6months ago when we began operations here, we have been doing alot to grow the medical ecosystem of steem. @Air-Clinic has assisted so many budding health enthusiasts on their path towards a healthier life. Now we want to take it a little further by supporting medics.



Medics are those who are studying health-related courses or are already healthcare practitioners.

Steem Medics are a special class of people because they find time out of their busy schedule to still be active on steemit. Many of them are into different specialties and use their blogs to talk about their interests.


  • As the name implies this is strictly to assist steem medics on their steemit journey.
  • Support will be in the form of community of mutual interests.
  • Qualification verification to improve the quality of steem healthcare.
  • Upvotes and post -curation for verified members.
  • Engaging discussions will be held intermittently to listen to our individual journey on the path of health.
  • Problem-solving and family bonding.


  • #AIR-CURIE: is an initiative powered by @Air-Clinic aimed at finding and rewarding quality medical posts. We also submit to giant curators who may further reward posts.
    As it stands, a verified health personnel will be much more likely to produce quality health posts.

  • #ONLINE-WardRounds: this will be a huge opportunity for the entire health community of steem to talk about their personal experiences in practice. Other healthcare workers can learn from each other in this process.
    This is a huge avenue for bonding and earning rewards.

  • #Special-WRITING-CONTESTS: we will design tougher and more rewarding contests for interested verified medics to participate and win prizes.
    Should be the necessary motivation for many of them to stay back on steemit.

  • #Leading-HEALTH-TALKS: every true health expert/student desires to share their knowledge of medicine and the human body with others. We engage steem medics in the affairs of @Air-Clinic.
    You get the opportunity to share knowledge according to your interests and specialty.



  • All interested Steem Medics who wants to be a part of this support initiative should join @Air-Clinic on DISCORD.
    See link here:

  • Verify your profession.
    It should be easy. Once you do this you get assigned roles on our server.

  • Use #Air-Clinic as tag for all your medical posts.
    This will make it easy to find your excellent post

  • Participate in our medical activities according to your interests eg Online Wardrounds & Daily Health Talks.

For more details, contact Dr. George (@NairaDaddy) or Dr. Blessing (@TheLoveJunkie) on Discord!



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Wow, never knew we had online ward rounds lol.. @airclinic is making steemit more interesting. So which patient (steemian) are we starting with today? Lets start moving stuffs hehehe.

Thanks to @air-clinic for making the stay of medics worthwhile on the steem block chain.


Hey @Antigenx,
You are a part of the Steem Medics so you deserve a bite from the SMSI.
Keep steeming in the Clinic.

Pls resteem to reach a wider audience.


Already done that @air-clinic

Another great initiative from @air-clinic. This is a very cool initiative for all the medics in this wonderful community(steemit). Great work @air-clinic.



Thank you @Menoski! Much appreciated!

Pls resteem to reach a wider audience...

@air-clinic rocks!
I am impressed by fascinating efforts of air-clinic.


You are highly wAIRcome @DrQamRanBashir.
Enjoy SMSI.

Genial esta iniciativa =) @nairadaddy


Thank you @Leonellaforever.
Do enjoy SMSI.

An excellent opportunity for the medical community and all health professionals, I always tell my medical stories in a very particular way :) , I hope I can contribute by contributing these new tags. A hug to the @air-clinic team.


Thank you @DrMaizo. We appreciate the fact that you are willing to enjoy SMSI. Lets make steem interesting for medics.

Its been wonderful getting tips from @air-clinic and am over excited to welcome and use SMSI...thank you @NairaDaddy for this platform you have been a life saver over the months #air-clinic


You are wAIRcome @Apav.
Feel free to enjoy SMSI.

Hi. it´s a wonderful iniciative and an opportunity for medical community. Thanks @air-clinic


We gladly wAIRcome you @Elvigia.
Enjoy SMSI.

Hi guys , my inetrnship starts this July.. 😊


Oh! Great!
DO join us and enjoy SMSi.

Am a microbiologist and I would love to be a part of this @air-clinic, this is awesome.


You are wAIRcome to enjoy the benefits of SMSI.

Sounds good but it seems to me it needs a wider audience still.
(Doing more posts in German than in any other language I won't resteem it though ... sorry!)

Greetings from Germany


It is an excellent initiative, in favor of human welfare. Example to follow for other communities.

Many successes

This is a great article. Can't wait to try them out