Ask Any Medical Questions ep 4

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Hello Air-Clinicians & Friends!

We are back again. And we appreciate all our participants who have made this program worth it so far. Here presents another opportunity for us to live healthy and wealthy.


We welcome you all to the 4th episode of our program “Ask Any Medical Questions”(AAMQ) . AAMQ is an avenue for you to ask questions on any health or medical issues, that you don’t mind sharing in public . The aim of the program is for you, as well as other readers to learn from such questions and the answers given to them.

Hope you enjoyed the 3rd episode of AAMQ program where we learnt so many things. I mean, So many things! Things that will never be a problem to us again include

  • How to know when you are allergic to something
  • Ways to cure or improve your face from pimples
  • What you need to do to stop frequent urination
  • How safe X-ray is to your health and risk of cancer from it
  • What causes snoring and what to do to improve it
  • If heart disease is genetic and what to do about it And lots more. You can visit our third episode of the program in case you missed it.

AAMQ is where you get to share those little things bordering you that are health related.

– It could be your observation on other people that has raised your curiosity and you keep wondering what could be the problem.
– Do you have a friend, child(ren), sibling(s), parent(s)… Who has that health challenges you have not fully understood, AAMQ is a time you can ask questions about it and get enlightened.
– You have heard one big grammar from your doctor and you don’t really understand, AAMQ is your time.
– Have you heard different and condracticting views or approaches about a health issue or condition and you have been wondering which is really right, let’s hear it in AAMQ.
– Do you have that health related question, issue or even just curiosity that you feel it will look “somehow” or embarrassing if you ask, please come! AAMQ is a time to express whatever medical concern without being judged.

We have a team of health experts that are waiting just for you and whatever medical question(s) you have. Also feel free to make an informed response to other people’s questions and comments.

Remember that other people will be seeing whatever question(s) you ask here. For personal and confidential question(s), please contact “the doctor on duty” via private message.



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