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Hello Air-Clinicians,

Yesterday being our Day 16 on the server was particularly very eventful because we had our first sexual health talk. It was ably anchored by Dr. ALEYO MAUREEN. She has some experience in managing sexual health cases and brought it to bear in her discussion.


Women are very delicate creatures and we all hate to see them hurt or cry. If they hurt then the society hurts as well because of the beautiful role they play as mothers, wives, friends, home makers and builders of a sane community.

Its sad when they can't perform these functions. Everyone suffers. The men suffer. The children suffer. Its much worse when the source of her worry is something as sensitive as SEX. We don't wanna keep our women sexless do we? That's the reason why this special topic was chosen.


The factors that militate against female sexual health range from Biological to Psychological to Social. Most of the problems are in the Psychosocial arena.


  • Anatomical problems with the sex organ
  • Hormonal imbalances
  • Poor management of Labour & childbirth
  • Infections eg vaginitis
  • Pain (vaginismus) and Dyspareunia


  • Childhood sexual abuse
  • Feeling of less importance
  • Feelings of guilt (due to virginity loss)
  • Male dominance in the bedroom (& elsewhere)
  • Problems with desire and arousal


  • Lifestyle and habits
  • Rape, Abuse & violence
  • Female Circumcision
  • Other Forms Of Female Genital Mutilation

A woman suffering from any of these should hurry immediately to a nearby hospital or counselling center. Don't wait or prolong the pains or anxiety or lack of desire. Whatever it is that is killing the joy in the bedroom must be sorted out once and for all.

The nearest hospital to come to is #AIR-CLINIC.


Its also important to note that it takes two to tangle. In essence, the man (or sexual partner) is also a BIG factor. His personality and willingness to help the woman solve these issues go a long way in giving her the necessary support she needs to conquer her fears.

She needs to feel loved. She needs attention. She needs time too. Many men rush into sexual intercourse without giving the necessary credence to a woman's own sexual needs. You must worship her body for the gods of orgasm to bless you with a happy woman. Lolx. Anyway, that's a story for another day.

Quoting the words of DR. ALEYO she said:

"In short, communication is key during sex. When to start, how to do it and where to do it.

"Sex deprivation is one of the causes of stress."

"A man should learn quickly the position that hurts his lady and try to avoid it always"

Alot of persons had numerous questions. And they were all answered. Including @adoore-eu who asked whether sex was a form of nutrition. Lolx. Indeed sex is a nutrient. Its a basic ingredient for a happy life because its listed there as one of the Biological NEEDS in The Marslow's Heirarchy Of Needs....

With this, we have given you access to the first step to solution; IDENTIFYING THE PROBLEM. Come to #AIR-CLINIC for questions, comments or to seek further help about this.



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I learnt a lot from that discussion yesterday. Its so good to be associated with AIR-CLINIC, I keep learning everyday, soon I too can address an audience on health topics as if am a professional in it.Good work there

Thank you for being a part of the discussion. Cheers!

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Wow! This is so informative, I learnt a thing or two. This line made me laugh; "You must worship her body for the gods of orgasm to bless you with a happy woman". Funny but true.
Let me add this- Sex is all about giving, it shouldn't be selfish. Some men are so insensitive to a woman's sexual needs, all their brain think of is having sexual release at the expense of the woman. They use women as an object for sexual gratification. This is a big turn off to women.
Thanks for sharing @air-clinic
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You have good information @vwovwe. Are you a sexpert? Lolx


I learnt a lot from the discussion yesterday. Air-clinic is a good platform for getting health related information...

Thank you for being a part of the discussion yesterday. Cheers!

This was one topic I didn't want to miss. 🤓 Somehow I did. Anyways, I could always read through...

Yeah you should read through to catch up. Cheers!

For the woman... I think emotional factor also contributes. Women don't enjoy sex if they don't love the man they are having intercourse with
Great post!

That's very true. Emotional experience is really important even for the man too. Thanks for contributing @mikay. Cheers!


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This is highly educative, thanks for the insight