#AIR-CLINIC: Celebrating 1500 Followers With 100% Upvote Splash!

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Hello Air-Clinicians & Friends,

We are happy to announce our freshly achieved milestone. 1500 committed members who are interested in what AirClinic has to offer is amazing.


The love we have received from you all in barely 5months of our existence has been inspirational. We too have never hesitated to give back love to you all in terms of SBD giveaways , Upvote splashes, contests, free daily health talk, ClinicFmRadio talk shows, free medical and veterinary consultations etcz.

Our big aim to touch your lives in different ways has not gone unnoticed by all of you. We truly appreciate that so much. It's a thing of joy that we have lovely Steemians who are willing to support what we do! For that reason, we shall continue doing more for our community to benefit!

Check Out Some Of Our Milestones:

  • 1500 Community Members on Discord!
  • 1500 Steemit Followers!
  • 20+ Writing Contest Episodes With Over $200 SBD Awarded!
  • 100+ Episodes Of Daily Health Talk
  • 100+ Episodes of ClinicFmRadio Activities
  • 80+ Free Medical Consultations
  • 2 Outreaches Done & Resources Distributed To The Less Privileged via #ACOF
  • AIRCURIE CURATION of lots of health content on Steemit.
  • Rewards Awarded To Our Community Builders & Users.
  • And Lots More...


We haven't even started yet. This is just the very beginning! There are alot of major plans that we have which will all be coming your way very soon. Don't move an inch because we got you covered.

Have you followed @DHEALTH?

Incase you haven't please do so immediately because there are goodies coming your way soon from there. We are creating a very special structure to start rewarding medical contents. It's made for you and you alone! So follow and stay tuned for more details soon!

Stay Active!

Remember our daily timetable which will enable you to remain active on our server. Example by 5.30pm everyday, we hold daily health talks while continuing with radio activities on ClinicFmRadio by 8pm. All times are in +1UTC/GMT.

We are monitoring the activities of our most active members here on the Air-Clinic Leaderboard. Very soon we shall start rewarding active members who consistently rank in the top 100. Don't be left out!


Criteria For Upvote Splash!

  • Upvote & Resteem This Post!
  • Leave a comment stating why you love Air-Clinic!
  • Follow @Air-Clinic & @DHealth Accounts!
  • You get instant 100% Upvote depending on how memorable your comment is...

Always remember that...

Keep Steeming In The Clinic!

Join Us On Discord!: https://discord.gg/rqded5m



heheheheheheheh so am the first to comment, thats memorable enough.
and what more, @nairapapi papi papi #1 i celebrate you Dr
Air-clinic is simply amazing. the talks, the medical teaching, its simply just amazing.

I took interest in air-clinic through @nairadaddy and @jeline (Thor of Asgard) Lol....One, i was enchanted by @nairadaddy's writing style and the to find out @jeline was a lady, and her energy and charisma is on a different level. plus she has a lovely voice

Air-clinic, is just amazing. Through them, in one month alone, i was able to talk with two guys i never dreamt of talking to yet..... @tojukaka and @destinysaid

you guys are amazing. 1500, is a step to the greater things coming.

One thing am grateful for was the last writing contest, it took me down the memory lane, and i saw the things i took for granted and didn't even think mattered. thanks guys.

i didn't mean to write a post. @nairadaddy can testify.

Hahaha...woo hoo!!! So we have a Live blog now. Awesome! ...as always.

I so much love and appreciate @air-clinic. I've been a member since the day I made my introductory post where someone dropped the discord link.
Can't forget my first night on Clinic fm, the anchor was @annieben ...that's one unforgettable night.
I love air-clinic because they are dedicated to not just provide health care services but to ensure that every one steemian realises their potential.
I didn't know where exactly I belonged when I first got here but now, I've not just found my niche, but I'm a far better writer/blogger than I was.

Or is it the awesome individuals and clinicians? @jeline @annieben @cwen @klynic @onos @mike4christ @adoore-eu and my humble and able steem daddy @nairadaddy

Since I joined air-clinic, no night is ever as complete and satisfying as a night spent on clinic fm or an evening without tapping from the knowledge of qualified medics in the #dailydiscussion room.

Therefore, I'd like to use this opportunity to say a very big


to @air-clinic for the love, support and fun times.

Cheers to many more success stories 💪👏💖🌠🌠🥂


Wow, @air-clinic my first love.... Congratulations and greater successes. To all the team members, I love you always. Come let's celebrate tonight on clinic fm (8pm GMT +1). Lol, level 2, I won't stop steeming in the clinic. ✌

Health has been one major and most important factor in the history of human race.

One paramount reason I love @air-clinic is its ability to tackle health issues while having fun at the same time.

For instance, the daily health talks going on the discord channel allows you to learn while having fun by making it an interactive and funny session.

The #airclinic writing contests too also helps you tell stories that in a way help to improve our general health.

There is also the show us your talent show by @air-clinic on Wednesdays which allows you to showcase your talent to healthy Steemians.

AirClinic is just fun and I'm proud to be part of the Steemit Clinic.

@air-clinic this initiative is great.
Although, the idea was meant or supposedly for medical/health inclined people but it has been managed in a way whereby it encompassed different people from all works of life. Kudos to @nairadaddy and crew. This is incredible to me.

I was groomed on air-clinic discord channel, it was a great privilege for me to have spoke on their clinic fm for the first time ever on discord.

Im happy to be a member. And i have enjoyed your upvote and personal comment on my blog @nairadaddy. Thanks for the initiative. You are indeed man for the people

@airclinic congratulations for the new height, the sky is your starting point. Your efforts in keeping the steemit community healthy are very much appreciated. Keep the flag flying......

Congrats @air-clinic and @NairaDaddy...i will soon join that rank

Congratulations on your achievements @air-clinic. Health is wealth. It is a wonderful job you guys are doing. Air-clinic was the first community I joined on discord. Your health post inspired my writing great contents on health matters. Keep doing what you are doing, lives are beeing affected positively physically, financially and emotionally.

This is a wake up call for me to increase my participation in @air-clinic activities. Thank you.

Congratulations. @DHealth has no blogs

Wow. AM quite sure @nairadaddy knows I heart @air-clinic. Infact, this is thefirst community that is my base. Apart from the Air-clinic contest which I still hold the latest "Silver Title Belt", channels like #air-clinic_fm #waiting room are bundles of benefit. My #general_plus_fun is a room which is always lively.

Very notable is @air-clinic's decision that you upvote 2 posts over you before posting yours in the #post_promotion channel. Indeed, i haven't seen this orderliness in order discord groups.

Health is Wealth.

@air-clinic is a place to be.

Yes I remember, I feel loved by @nairadaddy's personal chats. Its always encouraging.

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