AIR-CLINIC APP UPDATE 7: Chat & Messenger, In-App Notifications, Smooth & Clean UI, Social Activities...

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AIR-CLINIC is the Healthcare Social Network! ❕⚠🚩

Since we launched our Android mobile application about 3 weeks ago we have never relented in making considerable progress.

One of the best resources we have are the users who enjoy using the App. We get alot of feedback which we immediately work on to make giant improvements on the user experience.

We are happy to announce the 7th addition to our list of updates. This is very special because it carries a full social capability which will permit and encourage inter-user interactions.


What exactly are the new changes made in the current version? Find out below!


We have been itching to add a messenger within the App. Now you have it! You can chat up any other member of the Air-Clinic Social circle and interact the way you want to!


Enjoy up-to-date notifications about the events on your feed. Find out who followed you, who messaged you, who replied your comments or commented on your posts. It feels so cool!


Have you ever itched to know who the most active members are? What about the most popular? We have all those listed out. All you have to do is click the button on the navigation panel and you are good to go.


Users always appreciate the ability to setup their interface the way they like. This new version gives you that ability to update your profile with relevant information.


We have decided to adopt this saying that "less is more!" The user interface has been optimized. It looks cleaner and the navigation links are straightforward.

We will keep working hard to create a better UI/UX experience always.


These ones remain as usual. Let's explain further for new users...

POST HEALTH STATUS: Use this interface to talk about your day. What healthy activities did you do today? Food? Exercise? Are you healthy or sick? How do you feel? Etcz. Upvotes and AIRCOIN are the rewards!

SUBMIT HEALTH ARTICLE: this is for those who can write long-form content up to 500 words. We only accept and approve quality health articles. Upvotes and AIRCOIN are the rewards too.


If you haven't participated in the Bounty Campaign and AIRDROPS you are missing so many great benefits. We may or may not do this AIRDROPS again. So go grab your tokens

There are already 20k+ entries. Visit to join the bounty campaign. YOU HAVE ABOUT 7 MORE DAYS TO GO!


We are grateful to the 100+ Steem users who have delegated SP to this application. You earn monthly AIRCOIN TOKENS according to the weight of your delegation. Also we feature supporters on our Leaderboard.

See delegation link here


Air-Clinic is an open-source project. Find us on GitHub with this link:


👉Download our Android App:
👉Join our AIRDROPS/Bounty Campaign:
👉Visit our website:
👉Join us on Discord:
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👉Read our whitepaper:

Live Healthy, Get Wealthy! 🏥💛💲

Old users should update their App version to the current one!

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This appears to be a significant and impressive update to the app, and I am happy to see that. I do, however, have some issues with the post.

For starters, just isn't much information. For an update as massive as this one, I'd expect to see more details, more information, more everything. Particularlt, in an update announcing changes to the UI, I'd expect to see screenshots demonstrating the new, cleaner UI.

There are also issues of style and grammar. I'll cite some examples:

  • "You can chat up any other member of the Air-Clinic Social circle and interact the way you want to!" Did you mean to write "chat up," there? In many places, "chat up" means hit on. Make a pass at. As Air-Clinic is not a dating app, I'm pretty sure that's not what you meant.

  • The word "app" does not need to be capitalized.

  • "We have decided to adopt this saying" should be "the saying."

  • "Upvotes and AIRCOIN are the rewards too." I think you may be missing the word "here" between "rewards" and "too."

In a post as short as this one, issues such as these become more significant. I hope you take care to avoid similar problems in the future. I look forward to your next update.

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Thank you for your review, @didic!

So far this week you've reviewed 28 contributions. Keep up the good work!

Great job @air-clinic I delegated 55 sp. I have high hopes in your project.


Thank you for the delegation and support. Cheers!

I have never seen a health app like this. God bless @ airclinic


Thank you dear!

This is getting more interesting by the minute 😀
I love the new look already 😍😍😍

Great job!!!


Thank you for using and enjoying the Air-Clinic App! 🏥💙💲

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Very good update. The addition of this latest feature makes it easy for users to interact with other users.

This additional feature adds to my satisfaction. Thank you, air clinic.


Thank you for using and enjoying the Air-Clinic App! 🏥💙💲

This is absolutely impressive 💃💃💃💃💃💃💃
Air-clinic rocks.


Thank you for using and enjoying the Air-Clinic App! 🏥💙💲

Thanx @air-clinuc. You really having sleepless nights to make sure you make things convenient for all.💪💪💪.

@air-clinic I am not getting your response on my health status post from last 3 days. Please check...

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when the aircoin will be listed on exchange ? and when will ico?

hello @air-clinic i not got you upvote on my post plz tell me what can i do

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