I was a buyer at $4.3:(

need to hold on the bear market is almost over ...i'm been accumulating since feb getting it really cheap. Current HODL are BTS, ADA, LINDA, TRX, XVG, DNT, QLC, XP, ECA, IOST, CV, ARN, AERM, EOS. I want to get STEEM, ICX, AION, WAN at cheap price..patiently waiting

You will definitely get you chance. The latest technical analysis I've seen are suggesting a likely BTC bottom around $4700. I'm holding off any more purchases until I see something closure to $5,000, because the rest of the cryptos will be absolutely on fire sale. This will be the best and last opportunity to get on board before the big money comes into the market. In May there is a big conference for institutional investors and after this money will flow. Lots of it.