About personal agents of global brain, which could tie up ourselves, our communities and computer systems around us together - why they are needed, what they will be able to do in the future, what they can do right now and where to get them.

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Evolution is process of simple systems being used to build complex systems. Elementary particles build atoms, atoms form molecules, molecules are used to build cells of live organisms and brain neurons. In turn, conscious beings such as humans are being used to build conscious societies possessing collective intelligence.
Around hundred years ago, the notion of “noosphere” has been proposed to denote system of planetary intelligence, called as "global brain" later. Actually, at the moment, several existing computing systems do represent certain functions of such “global brain”, processing thoughts, words and deeds of billions of people on the planet.
Tens of millions years ago, with appearance of monkeys, the process of biological gene complexity development has ended. From that point, development of brain cortex has been more effective, which ended with modern human appearance. And now, volume of information being processed by computers on the Internet is exceeding human brain capabilities.
While simple animals could with simple stimulus-response chains only, monkeys has turned capable do deal with more complex semantic constructions. In turn, human is able to deal with semantic or logical chains with up to 5-9 elements at the same time. Finally, in a computer system, complexity of such semantic and logic operations is practically unlimited.
At the time we speak, billions of people are already “plugged into” one or few such computer systems of “global brain” kind. In one case, they do that intentionally, searching the web or communicating in social networks. In another case, they may be silently used as a sensors of governmental surveillance systems. In each case, the inputs of the sensors may be used by system to infer certain conclusions and make decisions depending on the goal they are posed with.
Information being processed by such systems may differ, including circles of communications of everyone with everyone, professional and everyday preferences, features of private life and behavior, personal biography and plans for future. And only tiny fraction of such information users can be obtained by users in return.
Such information can be used not only to build the entire “world view” of each of us or our communities. Also, It can be used to discover and study any processes in the world, such as epidemic spreading, trends of consumer behavior or public opinion in regard to certain events happening in the world.
The analysis of this kind can be performed with precision of certain city, county or local community, with account to geographical location of people serving as “live sensors” of global human-computer network, uploading their state and plans to the system.
Having the history of any social process of given scale and precision, computer systems now can predict events in personal and social life, such as whether certain student complete the course in the university, if given girl is going to get married or how many people are going to join certain public event.
Given the analysis and ability to forecast, it is possible for system to operate human mass behavior by means of feeding people with specific information of designated volume. This would cause people to purchase certain goods or services, prefer expected life style. Also, it can be possible be destroy target human communities and force emergence of new communities with desired properties.
Business studies market demand and create consumer behavior. State and government can perform control over national security and enforce public opinion development in designated bounds. In turn, people are getting more and more information seemingly. However, to which extent the information they get correspond to reality and whether people can effect on that information and reality?
We suggest to help the people, supplying them with personal agents to interact with computer network and “global brains” residing in it. Each of such personal agents would perform as a personal “global brain” exploring social and information space around its owner, protecting from “junk” or biased information and finding the relevant and precise information timely.
For that purpose, we are creating the Aigents system. Now, our software agents can operate on desktops and notebooks, smartphones and tablets, on Internet sites via web browsers. Potentially, using such agent, any person or a company can build system for analysis of information on the Internet of their own.
Ideally, within the network of such agents, information producers and information consumers can meet as peers. One could get paid for creation of content and knowledge training the agents, or for services and goods their agents deliver within the network. Others would be able to pay for getting valuable information or spreading it across the agent network.
At this moment, our Aigents are being taught to perform one simple task. Given list of Internet sits and topics of interest supplied with so-called “search and extraction templates” for the area of interest, they find and extract information from web pages automatically and deliver it to their masters in concise form immediately, as it appears.
To achieve this kind of behavior, we are trying to reproduce “intelligent” behavior of alive beings, capable to find food and breeding partners avoiding obstacles and threats using “self-learning with re-reinforcement” technique, based on minimization of risks and energy spendings.
So our Aigents do, working 24 hours a day, 7 days a week on the Internet in favor of their human masters, finding the most important and valuable news and delivering them to master in concise form timely. They try to be intelligent enough, saving computational resources of the master's smartphone or tablet, so that “personal social search engine in the pocket” won't discharge the battery.
To stay tuned with life and development of Aigents, join our pages on Facebook and Google+. If you want to contribute to development and education of the Aigents, just join our group! On our Internet site there is live Aigent which has basic capability to track news in the business domain and the area of artificial intelligence. Sign-in or register with social network accounts or plain email, or just drop us a message.

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