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Do you wonder how artificial intelligence appeared ? Artificial intelligence aims to mimic the workings of the human brain or its logic when it comes to making decisions. The adaptation of artificial intelligence consists in the implementation of a number of methods aimed at enabling machines to simulate the form of real intelligence. Today, artificial intelligence is being implemented in many applications.

The concept itself appeared in the 1950s, thanks to the mathematician Alan Turing. In his book Computing Machinery and Intelligence, he raises the question of giving machines some form of intelligence. He then describes a test that is today known as the" Turing test, " in which one topic interacts blindly with another person and then with a programmed machine to formulate reasonable answers. If the subject is unable to make a difference, the machine has passed the test and, according to the author, it can really be considered "smart".

From Google to Microsoft, Apple, IBM or Facebook, all the major companies in the IT world today are engaged in the development of artificial intelligence, trying to apply it to several specific areas. Each of them created artificial neural networks consisting of servers and allowing to process heavy calculations in huge databases. Today I will tell you about a project that is going to apply artificial intelligence in the field of Finance and investment. This project is called AiBB.

The project team of AiBB, which by the way consists of very experienced developers, creates a trading robot. This robot will work on the basis of artificial intelligence. Such a tool provides unique support and assistance to the investor, especially if the latter has no experience in the field of investment. This will be an indispensable mechanism in the profitable activities of any investor. The robot will give priority advice and tips, it will work on the side of its owner and help to make money in the financial markets. The robot will be paired with the technology of the blockchain, so You will always be able to use relevant information about the market, 24/7. Your investment portfolio will grow steadily, every minute.

The principle of operation of the entire system is quite simple. The software will rely on unique algorithms of NLU, NLP and ML blockchain. They are needed for in-depth search and analysis of potentially successful transactions in the entire financial market.

AiBB has many useful tools in its Arsenal. Thanks to them, the user will receive all information about the portfolio instantly, the same applies to special signals for active trading in the market. At hand will also be a variety of analytical data, statistics. A unique system of alerts, signals the user about suspicious transactions or high activity in the market. That is, the user will be able to close or open a position in time.

Of course, there is a mobile application. In our time, everything should be at hand. With it, the user can make transactions anywhere and at any time, have access to a personal wallet. Be aware of all market news and prospective ICO, see their ratings and reviews.

At the moment, each of you can join the project. Sales are divided into three stages, now the first stage is held and the cost of the token is $ 0.5. I advise you to hurry, because before the end of the first stage of sales there is not much time. During the second token price will be more expensive - $ 0.75. Well, at the time of the final stage, the token will cost $ 1. If you invest $ 5000, you will get a good bonus in the form of a price of $ 0.25. You can make a purchase for the main crypto currency Bitcoin, Ethereum and Litecoin and ordinary money.

I see AiBB as a serious and promising company that creates an interesting and popular product. The development team objectively assesses the robot of his robot and do not promise 10,000% profit. Because it looks stupid, and the projects that promise are crooks. The team has extensive experience in the development of artificial intelligence, development of blockchain projects and cryptocurrencies. The project has a competent " Road map "and detailed"White paper". I advise everyone to pay attention to this project. Thank you for your time.

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Excellent review, I have been watching this project for a long time, thanks for information

I support your opinion, the project is really very high level and I'm sure it will have a decent future. And most importantly, we can earn on the growth of tokens.

Great revew! The project solve many problems. I'll be watching it. Thank you!

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heard a lot about the team, they are cool developers