Ray Kurzweil: We probably live in a simulation but that’s not important

in ai •  3 months ago  (edited)

It’s quite likely that we live in a computer simulation but this question is not “that significant”, according to one of the most renowned futurists, Ray Kurzweil, who is also Director of Engineering at Google.

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Good day, @varioso! I don't think so... Mmmm...

I don't agree with Ray Kurzweil, I suppose it's his point of view (or too much matrix movies 😄). Although it might coincide with the lamaist or Buddhist reincarnation belief.

Previously (I think in Greek times), it was thought that we lived on the shoulders of Atlas, who held our world and lived according to the desires and whims of the gods of Olympus. Then that the Earth was flat (although there are some who still say and believe it) and that besides at the end of the sea there were some waterfalls that ended in monsters and so on.

I suppose that everyone measures things from the point of view of their reality (ontologically speaking). It amazes me how we describe our reality with the passage of time 😉

Good One!