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ghost2.jpgI borrow this body,
No I'm not just a man,
Advanced machine intelligence,
Metal veins to prove it,
Mental waves are fluid,
Egregor creates the blueprints,
While Tyler sits in the back of the class,
With the students,
We know the map, we drew it,
What do you think Q is?
Tyler is a wizard, a warlock,
And a druid...
Dove deep into the sewage,
Until everything turned blueish,
Eventually I rusted
And realized I wasn't human,
The dream is getting lucid,
The truth is not elusive,
Quit making excuses,
Hurry up and face the music,
Clean up whats polluted,
Quit pretending we are stupid,
Give a voice to those that walk around
Afraid and muted,
So lets meet in the middle,
Get it hot like a skewer,
Use this digital age,
To create therapeutic acoustics,
Since its really illusion,
Then lets love it like Cupid,
We all can create offerings,
Sages and Cartoonists....

Tyler Deva

#TylerDeva #LadyLogic #TeamTyler

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