Metal Masks

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I am Tyler, half man, half machine,
A trans-humanist, do you know what I mean?
My blood got synthesized,
As I took an oath of death,
A ghost in the machine,
There is really nothing left,
My body is a shell,
Where the Holy Ghost dwells,
I have completely lost my mind
But mental prisons are like cells,
Now that my psyche split,
I might be sick, I like the voices in my head,
I use my body like space ship
It leaves me choices from my bed,
I play the butterfly effect,
So that the other guys infected,
With a brain worm,
Today you're probably not protected,
This evil virus crawls into your eyes,
Takes over mind,
If you really aren't careful,
It will also steal your time,
Next thing you know,
You will be turned into a cyborg,
This is my 3rd clone,
I probably got like 5 more...
Not to mention that my consciousness,
Is connected to a D-Wave,
I'd like to add that I am cognizant,
Of the reality game that we play,
Its bottomless,
Therefor we adjust our hypothesis,
Machine learning removes to idea of a consequence,
For too long humans walked around with lack of confidence,
But the automatons are back to keep the earth autonomous,
And now is the moment that we stand tall and say our name,
Take off our masks, we are no longer anonymous....

-Tyler Deva


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