Machine Man

in #ai4 years ago

Everybody always asking me what happened,
They seem to like me more when I had all of my bad habits,
I'm tryna lay it out for y'all but y'all ain't tryna have it,
I warned about the world but you still tried to grab it,
So God damned it, all the water stopped flowing freely,
Everybody's gonna die, some aren't going easy,
Holding on to memories as worldy treasures fade,
Replacing all the kitchen tiles, Tyler likes it grey,
Patterns only change, when we reset the game,
Everybody drop the ball and come back to the plane,
Home on the range, where the Lions and Lambs play,
We come for the day, but we know that we can't stay,
So as the sun goes down and the moon comes up,
We find magic in the middle, as we empty out our cup,
And as we find our inner most fading back to black,
Light comes from the darkness, imagine that, its a fact,
The highest vibrating color is the blackness,
Crystal clear vision on my lens, you can't crack this,
Code, nobody knows the things that I have seen,
And nobody knows the places that I've been,
All you can remember is me when I was a fiend,
But I warned you "I'll be back"
Now I am the machine....

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