Artificial intelligence vs. Fake News, an update

in ai •  2 years ago

A few days ago I read in an article by Krnel about the difficulty that Artificial intelligence has with discriminating between true and fake news. Dietrich Doerner, a German AI specialist spoke about the issue of telling real and fake apart already in the 90ies, but now it becomes an actual problem. I found this really interesting article on the same topic:
AI works with latent semantic analysis: if words statistically occur within a limited proximity of each other together they build meaning to the AI. This of course does not allow you to tell real from fake. If AI one day will be able to tell these apart, it is because it has sensors everywhere which register all real events and which data can be used to verify the truth of a newsflash allegation. This internet-of-things or IoT is rapidly developing, such that it is maybe only a matter of time before an omniscient AI such as in the film Eagle Eye or in the series Person of Interest will become a truth. And that machine will tell real from fake.

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detecting fake news is easy.
Pretty much all of it.
Most news is fake.
Detecting real, accurate, truth....that's hard.


LOL too true
If the talking heads on the major networks are babbling about it.
The only True news these days seems to be written by independent journalist that suddenly become super depressed and commit suicide.

The market is the best AI for this.

BTW, I really liked the end of "Person of Interest" but I am so sad to see it go.


Thanks Baerdric. Here in the Netherlands we haven't seen the end of poi yet. I figured out on yr G+ profile that you have a name of Dutch descendents :)


That's true! My father's father, but everyone else in my family is either Saami or Nenets.

upvoted and followed.


Thank you. Followed back.

I've already solved the problem...If you see it on TV, it's fake. If you see it on the internet, flip a coin and you have a 50/50 chance of it being real.