DTube | Revenge Porn AI Will Change Reality Forever

in #ai6 years ago

A new AI technology will forever change the way we see media in two dimensions.

Introducing deepfakes.

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Great catch. Are you saying that the princess leia face in Rogue One was made with this kind of algorithm?

They don't suggest what might have been used for the movie but they show that they can get pretty close to the studio version using FakeApp (which is free). Some of the best work you can see was too graphic for me to show in the video but you can check out the deepfakes subreddit to see for yourself. Cheers.

Check my page, I've got Wonder Women.......for science! ;D

Lol, kiss video evidence good bye. Every security cam video, newscast, interview is now suspect.

I wonder how laws will change since video footage can't be used as proove anymore. But i think it is a good technology to prevent the government to put cctv 's all over the place, because it is too easy to fake. Would like to know what you think about this.

its not even funny what ppl can make with this ;/

wow, so it's fappening!?

wow, so it's fappening!?

wow, so it's fappening!?

scary times

omg what a scary technology :o With this thing you can bring some people in really bad situations ....

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