Playing with AI.

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My friend Ari referenced me to a video about the latest version of Blender today, and I got sidetracked watching other videos too. I was eventually taken to a talk about artificial intelligence in 3D.

It was a fun video, but in the process of watching, this guy showed me a link to a page where I could draw simple outlines of a cat, and it would result in a computer-generated photo of a cat. I guess I have a thing for cats, since I ended up spending a good half an hour drawing cats.

I found that I could also draw handbags:

Screenshot_20190203_171243 – edgestohandbags.png

pix2pix (7).png

pix2pix (8).png that look like Oreo cookies...

...and houses... but I think I was bad at drawing houses, so I concentrated on drawing cats instead. Here are some of my interesting cat drawings:

pix2pix (4).png

pix2pix (2).png

pix2pix (1).png

pix2pix (5).png

pix2pix (6).png

So go ahead and draw your own cats now, and then show them off here in the comments! :)

See ya!

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I always liked Blender, but usually need to look at a tutorial. I was using it for channel intros when that was big on YouTube. Great open source software, but beware you can spend A LOAD of time on LOL...I know I have lost a few days playing with it lol. Fun stuff!


I could never make heads nor tales out of Blender myself. Sure my friend did try to teach me to use it, but we didn't even get to scratching the surface and I was already lost within the multitude of options and buttons and shortcuts.

I think I'm getting old. Learning new stuff is hard.

Hi gamer some classic cats that may have been born near Chernobyl lol. Adding the fur brings them to life and makes them look kind of real.

Woah!! Thats so freakin cool. I hate drawing stuff but daum I might draw some shiz today lol

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Please do! Post your results below! :)

pix2pix cat.png

That was fun. Here's my cat.

It looks a little happier on the side I drew it on. LOL !!

It is just amazing how AI can assist or make the lives of humans better in all sorts of ways and it is good that we are able to live in this era where we can experience how AI can improve our lives. @gamer00

This sure can be a bit addicting ..

Wow this is very exciting thing to know about thanks for sharing this time to play with A.I