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Hello dear readers, we are going to play a song that we have all heard about at some time; but perhaps we do not know enough despite how close it is to our living environment.

Sometimes some things go unnoticed by our eyes; maybe because we do not pay enough attention or because we do not ask too many questions about it.

In other cases, the complexity of their concept is difficult to understand, such as:

When we use our smart equipment in a Market Place Online; which as if by magic, just to see our user profile and our customer preferences, direct us to the product we are looking for.

Interesting, eh!

Maybe one of these cases may have happened to you

A few days ago I received in my Steemit blog a message from a partner, which read:

"Hi, I'm a bot upvote created by @user and I just uploaded it. He sent me to say Hello! ",

At first I was a little surprised because I was not used to that kind of comments. Then I said, I'll have time to find out what it's about!

Similarly, I find another similar message in one of my weekly reviews, which says:

"This post has been sent for the writing contest sponsored by @user!..."

Every time I receive this comment I would like the time to pass quickly to know the results of my participation. Then I answer him; "Thank you Bot"

Also, every time I make a transfer to my bank account I receive in my email and cell phone:

"Your transfer has been successful, thanks for using our smart portal"

I can see the efficiency of the banking systems to provide timely responses to the client and all the advanced technology behind their platform.

Right, just as you thought!

Let's talk about Artificial Intelligence. A computer technology that is increasingly integrated into our lives and allows us to improve daily tasks, in addition to its various uses in industry, medicine, science, education, among others.

A simple definition to understand what is AI (Artificial Intelligence):

"They are machines capable of carrying out tasks or activities proper to human beings"

Ok, that sounds good!

But to hear it and say it, it is very easy; however there is a very broad and sophisticated process behind AI, which includes computer design, software programming, data storage, AI algorithms, physical stereotypes, machine learning disciplines or Machine Learning, among others.


Let's see how some sites that I have visited on the Web define AI.

"Artificial intelligence is the concept for machines that 'think like human beings'; in other words, they perform tasks such as: reasoning, planning, learning and understanding the language" salesforce latinoamerica

AI is very effective for marketing; it can be used for the recognition of images and draw conclusions that allow identifying the preferences of the client. It also has applications in robotics creating machines that intervene in the industry imitating actions commonly carried out by humans, contributing to the increase of production and reducing labor risk.

"We can understand an artificial intelligence as those algorithms that materialize in computer programs that, in turn, run on a specific hardware, and that seek to imitate the mode of operation of the human brain" def ABC

Its ability to learn, makes systems can evolve on their own over time without the need for human intervention, through a process called "Machine Learning". From the initial programmed data, the system can autonomously identify increasingly complex patterns.

"Artificial intelligence (AI) is the yin and Blockchain is the yang of the digital business. While the first one helps us to value, understand, recognize and decide; blockchain helps us verify, execute and register. While machine learning methods that are part of artificial intelligence help us find opportunities and improve decision making, smart contracts and Blockchain technologies can automate the verification of transactional parts of the process" IA and Blockchain

Blockchain technology relies on AI to develop complex processes and influence assertive decisions that reduce the margin of human error; allowing a greater efficiency in operations, a more complete experience for the user, as well as the scalability of the system.

In some cases, the AI is used to automate the services of some platforms, contributing with real-time decision making in favor of the operation of the supply chain (in the case of production companies); they are capable of making adjustments, taking corrective and predictive measures, for the evolution of systems and facing future situations. Guaranteeing performance, reducing losses and improving quality.

Computer systems programmed for artificial intelligence are computers loaded with important data, obtained from human experience. These data allow the decision making and the resolution of problems according to alternatives based on logic.

It should be noted that the AI feeds information that comes from human intelligence, therefore the guideline that governs this magnificent technology will always depend on the orders imposed by man and its purpose will point to the degree of awareness and purposes for which they have been created.


Let's know the AI technological base

Machine Learning:

Let us know this aspect that governs the AI and to which is due the characteristic that most resembles the human beings "The ability to learn".

Machine Learning is a discipline capable of creating a system that learns automatically.

It is an algorithm capable of reviewing and analyzing data that predict future behavior; with the passage of time, the machine accumulates enough historical information which it takes advantage of to develop more complex behaviors.

Machine learning makes the machine get some knowledge mole; which is grouped in growth, restructuring and adjustment, similar to the behaviors and mental processes of man.

Basically they are responsible for acquiring and storing information loaded with data that come from real experience with the world around us; Thanks to the application of the algorithms, the machine will be able to reason and generate new knowledge in response; finally it is able to reorganize all the information creating a final decision that generates one or several own knowledge.

This knowledge will always come and be supervised by the creative individual (man), therefore the machine provided with AI despite being programmed to evolve, can never exceed human knowledge.


But let's continue improving our knowledge about AI

Let's talk about the main features.

  • Compliant systems: This feature indicates that the AI can only work according to previously loaded commands. The learning process is conditioned on the information provided and cannot exceed its functions to higher limits beyond the tasks entrusted.

  • Precision in calculations: stored computer data handle rigorous statistical methods based on probabilities, which allow the execution of tasks with a high level of precision that reduce the margin of error. In addition, the AI does not suffer from the physical or mental fatigue of the human being, which sometimes leads him to commit faults and inaccuracies when performing tasks.

  • It has restrictions: The man and his accumulation of experience is able to understand the purposes of life and draw goals with a vision of the future. Meanwhile, the machine is limited to the application of algorithms that execute tasks according to a limited cycle of previously configured orders. In the end, his work must be completed by the action of man.

  • The AII has no conscience or emotions: The activities carried out by the AI are of utmost importance, but it should be noted that they act automatically according to the coding entered in their system. They cannot express opinions, or complain, or even revolt, because they are not aware of what they are doing, they just follow orders.

They are unable to feel. They do not perceive the world in the same way as humans; it cannot manifest any kind of reaction that involves feelings or emotions about the work, about the people, or about the world that surrounds them.


Some uses of AI in everyday life.

  • Personal Assistants: When you use some Web services on your PC, or when you install an operating system such as Windows; without noticing you may be using AI.

Some search assistants such as Google Chrome; they are usually programmed with your user habits to speed up the management of search engines, so the more you use the service, the better your user experience will be.

Other common systems, such as the security system "Capcha", determines through the identification of images, the behavior of the user to know that it is a human identity and not a programmed robot.

Other actions such as, determining weather conditions, congestion of traffic routes, establishment of critical routes by GPS systems; It can also be AI on your PC or smart computer, the system uses learning algorithms that feed on the user's knowledge and habits to identify their environment and thus issue some recommendation.

  • Customer Service: Companies have made significant progress in improving customer service. IVR systems (interactive voice response), are increasingly integrated into the market and their use is efficient.

Able to interact with the client through telephone communication and dialing options with the keyboard.

  • Regulation of Energy Consumption: Smart devices iPhone and smartphones with Android operating system save power of agreements to the data provided by the user with their usual use.

Manage battery consumption which translates into electricity savings since the frequency for recharging will be lower.

Companies such as Google have reduced their electricity bill by up to 40%, optimizing consumption in their Data Centers.


The uses of AI that figure in our life environment are incalculable; other applications such as: Intelligent security camera systems, photo management, autonomous vehicles, financial analysis, monitoring and control of habits to detect potential fraud, detection of symptoms of some diseases, medical diagnostics, video games, robotics, among others . They are some of the contributions of artificial intelligence to the current society which are perfectly suited to the needs of human beings and make our lives more comfortable and efficient.

Thanks for your
kind attention

We hope you have had a pleasant and contributing reading to your knowledge about AI (Artificial Intelligence)

See you soon ...


We wait for your ideas and concerns on the subject, in the comments section. @CreativeBlue enthusiastically welcomes your feedback to create a broad and valuable information matrix.

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Amazing post @creativeblue

I've been interested with all AI topics for quite some time already. This technology scares me and impress me every single day.

AI is very effective for marketing

Absolutelly agree with that statement. I think AI is currently being used mostly in advertising industry.

It should be noted that the AI feeds information that comes from human intelligence

Right now AI need data coming from our behaviours.
But wouldn't you think that it's just a matter of time before AI will "feed information" coming from other AI?

The AII has no conscience or emotions

Yeah, that's the only advantage of us humans over AI :)



Right friend!
excellent your comment!

I also think that AI must be watched closely by some authority,

definitely if it falls into inappropriate hands it would be something delicate, that

puts us all at risk ...

Another concern on my part is;
What would be a government system run by AI?

I remember that the AI ​​is not capable of feeling, has no ambition, it can not steal (at least, by itself, it can not), the AI ​​does not require rest, and they are effective workers, practically without any margin of error.

Interesting to opt for a governance system ...


Yeah, I got sent here by Piotr and I've been talking with some people about governance system guided by AI as the ultimate step in our social systems. It does possess some risks, but I think the merits outweighs the demerits.


hi @ejgarcia

I cannot really imagine all undeveloped countries to be governed by AI. I wonder how could it possibly look like.


Brilliant reply @creativeblue

I appreciate it a lot.

Yours, Piotr


It's been days since I checked my wallet and then I saw your memo, this is an impressive HIGH quality post indeed. However I have studied AI, neural networks and advanced AI and this article isn't 100% correct either. There is a difference in true AI and advanced AI-like algorithms. True AI needs to learn and adapt itself, learning new commands and new routes to develop features that weren't possible before. By limiting some parts of the AI you can actually make it grow using tiered thoughts, just like us humans. The concept of conscience and emotions isn't impossible to develop either, but we need to enter into psychology for that. Conscience and emotions stem from survival, having emotions helps us survive in modern society and find better chances to reproduce; it may sound boring, but we're just the result of complex chemical reactions. Creating similar systems for an AI and allowing it to develop those systems could very well grant them emotions if they decide it's important for survival.

On the other hand there is complex algorithms that just parse data in interesting ways. There are REALLY complex data structures and mathematical formulas for solving some issues, like MIN MAX algos, simulated annealing and so forth. While these are considered AI, they're far from the self-learning AI and are mostly just a good use of algorithms, these are the ones we often see everywhere. Recommendations systems are a branch from AI and use well-known algorithms... so I don't really consider them AI, even though they are.

Cool post anyways, thanks for sending me here.


hi @ejgarcia, @creativeblue

I love your reply. I can tell that your knowledge in issues related to AI is insane.

I wish there would be a way to keep in touch via email with you. Or telegram?



First of all I want to say thanks to @crypto.piotr for recommeding this great post to me.

No matter how advanced technology is becoming, I doubt if any other form of intelligence could surpass that of we humans. Our knowledge and ideas to handle situations is limitless unlike Artificial intelligence which has restrictions.

I really enjoyed reading this well written and articulated post @creativeblue and I couldn't help but to admire the styles, formats used I arranging your post. Your post is beautiful.


Im glad you stopped by and showed your support @celineaugustinee :)

I love how responsive you are. Steemit need more people like you.


i was almost dumbfounded by this review, i had to get a pen and paper and scribe down some points here.. this is good

Very interesting read on the topic of AI. Most may find developments in AI both an opportunity and a threat to humans, especially to those humans that are not keeping up with the changes in our societies and are not willing to learn new skills.


Greetings from CreativeBlue!

IA is a scientific advance of incalculable dimensions.
Every benefit for humanity has always brought
followers and detractors.
In my opinion, the advantages of AI have been more,
the only way that it represents a threat is that
pass into the hands of a denatured mind that does not
want the common good.

How cool is this post! Love love love it! I'd like to thank good sir Piotr for his kind referral and direction! My upvote and resteem in great appreciation - nice work @creativeblue !
♥¸.•°”˜˜”°•.✫ B★E★A★U★T★I★F★U★L ✫¸.•°”˜˜”°•.♥


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Waoooo long time ago to investigate the AI and every time I sat in the calculator I forgot. Today, with the reading of this surprising post, it has become very clear to me what it is and how it is used in society. Surprising to know what is involved in the IA in our daily lives and not ns realize.
The use that I like the most is marketing: it really works very well in this field.
Despite all its benefits, I believe that it could never be compared to the human brain and much less to the Human Being.

Great Post


Hello how are you doing!

You are right the AI ​​can never overcome the human mind; although the scientific discipline "machine learning" shows that they are able to acquire knowledge and evolve over time; They will always be limited to executing the orders that were initially loaded by man.

That makes the AI ​​a technology dependent on the human mind.

Thanks for your visit...

When it comes to AI, we've just scratched the service.

This is the technology that can ensure the redundant tasks done by a human workforce are instead handled by machines. Thereby creating enough economic value that the basic needs of life are available to all.


Great contribution!
your comment expresses the great truth,
IA duplicates the work force, which
brings improvements to the productive apparatus!
which should be reflected in improvements
for our quality of life!

Thanks for visiting CREATIVEBLUE!

Wow, this is a great post. Hopefully @curie and @ocd will notice this.

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Thanks for your support

Very good vibes of your
part ...


My pleasure

Posted using Partiko Android

I love the concepts very very much, kudos to CreativeBlue's team!


Thanks @wilhb81!
CreativeBlue supports
quality content!

Your opinion is worth a lot
for us...

Thanks for coming!

This is one hell of a good post, a very good way to start my morning.

Great lecture, thumps up @creativeblue

I do believe the importance of AI will only keep growing in our lives as time goes on.

AI is way faster than us when calculating things, and this increase in speed could make our society function in a much more efficient way, increasing our overall productivity and allowing for a higher standard of living to all.

There are indeed risks about losing control of these intelligences, but I believe we will figure out how to continue with the development of new technology, without causing havoc to our societies.

Excellent article @creativeblue! Take care.


Hi @dedicatedguy!

I loved your answer,
He is very positive and a contributor!

AI is way faster than us when calculating things, and this increase in speed could make our society function in a much more efficient way...

Just what we need to overcome the obstacles
and ascend to the next step to improve our world.

Thanks for your support!
See you soon...

@CreativeBlue promotes quality content

No doubt AI will be very useful in future, currently there disadvantages is equal to advantages. If their disadvantages get solved then it will be the most useful thing we will ever had 😊

Very informative post @creativeblue! Since I deal in AI and Machine Learning, I know what you are talking about.

Did you know that AI has advanced enough to remove IVR? I mean IVR is still a human punching in information through the phone, but AI assistant can actually take information based on our voice interaction or make a call for you. Take a look at this:

Google duplex.. Natural Language understanding. Cool, isn't it?

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giphy (1).gif

A.I sure is a wonderful technology and a proof of mankinds advancement. Now we only need to harness the technogy's full potential properly so we can use it without fear.

Very detailed and nice article. When I saw your post title, I was reminded of a friend who i met recently. His phone fell to the ground and the display cracked. The phone was was working but nothing was being displayed, He became so irritated and kept looking at his phone. Tech is so integrated that we just cant be withoit it.

Regarding AI, while I am impressed that google can come up with responses for the emails i receive, i still find the tech intrusive. We are all part of this big beta test for AI improvements. Anyway, AI will be beneficial in some regards but will also lead to mass unemployment, which i worry about.

Anyway, your article in truly insightful. Thanks for sharing your knowledge.


great comment @karamyog

will also lead to mass unemployment, which i worry about.

it worries me too.

Yours, Piotr

I think we are still a very long way from dangerous AI or "Skynet". However, machines are getting smarter at a very fast pace. Their only limitation now is their source of information (humans) and the fact that they can only do what they are programmed to do.

AI can help man move to the next level of civilisation but we have to be wary of deviant codes or malicious programming. You never can tell.


Hi @ulqu3!
I congratulate you on your wonderful comment,
I like to know that our opinion is
very similar!
It's just one of the main things
Try to reflect on this publication:
AI is everywhere, it has charged spaces
important, turns our lives into something
easier and practical.
And we are the ones who govern it and
we choose the destination of your application in the
modern world.

Thanks for coming!!!
@CraetiveBlue, Bye!


Great to see your comment @ulqu3

We are definetly far from skynet. But not so far from heavy unemployment which will skyrocket within next few years. Reality is that most people will not be able to adapt to fast changes in technology and they will be left behind. Jobless.

That's scary shit. dont you think?



This I agree with. A bit.
While many manual jobs will be taken over by machines and AI replaces humans in some industries, I believe new types of jobs will emerge.
Data input for machine learning
Code development
Environmental Sanitation
Supervisory roles

All in all, I'd say mankind is still about 200 years from mass unemployment. That is if we will allow ourselves be replaced. There will probably be laws that will dictate a maximum 50% AI workforce.


Hi @ulqu3

All in all, I'd say mankind is still about 200 years from mass unemployment.

That's very optimistic measure. I believe that old generation wont keep up with technology advancement and those who are 40-50 years old (having some simple job) will have a big problem very soon.

Cheers buddy :)

Thank you for this marvelous article @creativeblue

This knowledge will always come and be supervised by the creative individual (man), therefore the machine provided with AI despite being programmed to evolve, can never exceed human knowledge.

Interesting opinion, I always thought that AI won't need any supervision and will be more independent.

The thing that I am the most afraid of is that AI will be able to exceed human intelligence. Therefore, it will be also able to manipulate humans in order to achieve its goals. Is such scenario possible?

Greetings, Jan

Good work and also good concept share us.
i follow u

Interesting, I am also curious about AI implementation in the future.

Hello @piotr it has been awhile now, am happy hearing from you.
The post is informative, i will check it out leta. am kind of busy now.

I have always had two types of thoughts about AI, the first is that I see the machines as Skynet in Terminator, they will decide our future and they will kill us all! LOL.

And the second one is Star Trek, they use the AI as a support to make them reach beyond where nobody has arrived. A fundamental tool that helps to overcome obstacles taking us to a higher level. So I think that this option is the most successful

Do I think that one day the machines will be smarter than us? Weeeell ... The machines raising their cognitive level and we lowering it... You can bet on that ... hahahaha (Im kidding... Or not?)

Excellent article mr. @creativeblue


hi @jadams2k18

We are definetly far from terminator, skynet or start trek.

But not so far from heavy unemployment which will skyrocket within next few years. Reality is that most people will not be able to adapt to fast changes in technology and they will be left behind. Jobless.

That's scary shit. dont you think?



haha serious? :)

where is it @jadams2k18 ?:)


Phoenix, AZ

I tell you machines will take over thw world!

AI continues to wow me but also makes me feel threatened that in no distant future, humans will lose their labour relevance to robots and bots. Their ability to learn more through machine learning is very unique in every way. Although being limited to previously loaded instructions, AI's error margin is very low. Nice article @creativeblue

Great writeups @creativeblue this is very enlightening

It should be noted that the AI feeds information that comes from human intelligence, therefore the guideline that governs this magnificent technology will always depend on the orders imposed by man and its purpose will point to the degree of awareness and purposes for which they have been created.

My question is, the AI feeds on the information from humans now, what if this same AI outsmart use someday,?
You said the rules that governs this AI will always come from humans, but now when im in some site they always pop out a notification to check if im human or not, that means this AI get access to sites on their own and carryout tasks for their selves and this got me worried 😟, and the way this AI grows every second scares me.

Not forgetting that they have no emotions, but they can make decisions that will benefit you and destroy yOu too.

Case study:
John has a robot which was program to keep him alive no matter what and then a fire 🚒 start in school, John try to go safe one of the student 🎒 locked in, but the robot stop him from doing that even if he could save the student.

Machine Learning is a discipline capable of creating a system that learns automatically.

It is an algorithm capable of reviewing and analyzing data that predict future behavior; with the passage of time, the machine accumulates enough historical information which it takes advantage of to develop more complex behaviors.

That means the AI will start making decisions for use based on what we normally do in the past, forgetting we change and the way we reacted to a situation yesterday may be different from how we will today

Case Study2
Imagine you telling someone you wish they where dead and your robit kills that person.
Or Luis woke up in the morning with an idea that will make him huge sum of money and he shouts "im going to robe the bank and leaves home, john came to look fir him and the robot tells jhen luis went to ribe a bank"

there are so many advantages of AI, but there also are disadvantages.

Great post again @creativeblue i love your post.


Thanks for coming!

We know well that everything that AI does is previously programmed by a human entity. These machines have no conscience only follow specific orders imposed by man.

If the AI ​​is everywhere, it was because the man placed it there to provide some service.


@ogt your comment blow my mind! :)


hi @ogt

I love reading such a valuable comments. Great input. Thx for sharing



Im pleasure @crypto.piotr
Great post bring s about great comments

Nicely written! But I think AI can be developed to such a way that it may feel, may have emotions and take decisions on those factors. Nothing is impossible in this world. We humans are not different from robots. Our thinking depends much on our programs which we get when we learn. Similarly machine can learn like us. It is possible that one day machine can replace us. What do you think?

Amazing presentation about AI.
Congratulations @creativeblue

@creativeblue such a gret piece of information about AI. My company recentely start working on machine learning because we are going to develop a project on machine learning i got couple of points out of this that will help me thanks for such a great share.

Friend very good article, quite detailed, artificial intelligence is a very interesting topic and that little by little without realizing it is part of our daily life, particularly I do believe that in the future they will be able to overcome the human brain and help us to take correct decisions, since they are not going to be influenced by our subjectivity, as you tell us, nowadays they surpass us but only in specific aspects for which they were created, in the future neural networks will be created so wide that they will go beyond the limits and will be able to continue programming and creating more networks.

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Great article. Well worthy of a resteem. Kepp writing good stuff!

@creativeblue Great article for sure.

The uses of AI you mentioned in article is very great. Like steemit I visit product hunt sites on daily bases, so that I can see new and amazing products and what I see - AI is everywhere. See lots of Apps, games coming with AI in Android & iOS. I see the apps idea where they are using AI to help patients who suffers movement disorders - they gather the hand movement data by little task on screen and AI tracks their progress accordingly. There are AI operated robots to help patient & children.Best thing is we can use AI everywhere. To track data, manage the data, Marketing everywhere. Limitless place to use it.

I am very much interested in AI and I support it. I wrote an article long ago here on steemit if you like to check : Delusions About Artificial Intelligence.

Great information here! Thanks to @crypto.piotr for referring me here as it is definitely great content to share and demonstrate the power of future technology still being developed. I truly believe this is closer than what we actually believe.


Wow! @newageinv!
You're welcome!

Of course, if as we could notice with
a few examples cited in this
publication, people use AI daily.

I see that we walk hand in hand with
this formidable technology; let's hope
that will lead us to the best results
in the future.

hay, nice article. AI and ML are all around us and its a very interesting field of study. How do you think AI and ML could be best used with Steem data?

I must confess, this whole idea happens around us every now and then and we do not know it.

More so, AI invention is a bold step in making fantasy into reality -- next generation of computer-robotic project to make better the lives of crypto users.

Unofficially, 😁😂 @creativeblue, AI Tech with those beautiful robot images loaded there reminds me of "I-Robot by Will Smith." Damn, the robot is unique to the extent that it says 'I am unique' itself, that is self-evaluating. It reasons like humans, and does other complex things we do.

So, this project has its semblance. Thanks for sharing.
Thanks to @crypto.poitr for the encouragement, most importantly here and now, for recommending this post for curation.

Gladly curated and gladly shared too.


thx @josekss for stopping by! :)



You are welcome my good friend. ☺

This is one of the leading researchers on the planet. He has created SingularityNet that runs on the Ether network. I think his goal is to use the Ether network as a robot payment system and a brain with each node being a cell.

This is really a comprehensive post about AI...
I loved especially how you mentioned that we use AI in our everyday lives without noticing it. It's so true. I never knew my browser observed my online behaviors until it started making suggestions for me.

AI is truly a revolutionary Technology!

Well said mate! Artificial Intelligence will play a major role in various aspects of life ranging from industries to any area it could possibly be applied. However, if it should be wrongly used, it might pose a potential risk to our life...

Great post man.

Exciting Topic you choose. As you say its all about the learning capabilities of the AI itself that is important, although traditional code is already making impressive results. I still struggle to grasp what the effect of AI and blockchain combined could be.

Very interesting! Thanks @crypto.piotr for inviting me to check this piece out.

very important this article
Upvote and resteem

Quite a solid write up ! This is basically a crash-course on AI and Blockchain :) . I particularly loved how these two transformative technologies were intertwined, pinpointing how they require each other in the advancement of the digital world.

Hi @creativeblue
I really love your analysis on the subject Of Artificial Intellegence

This knowledge will always come and be supervised by the creative individual (man), therefore the machine provided with AI despite being programmed to evolve, can never exceed human knowledge.

From what you said AI will not surpass man’s intelligence right?

Why do their pace outclass that of humans in almost any field they are applied?

This is the part I like about AI

the AI does not suffer from the physical or mental fatigue of the human being, which sometimes leads him to commit faults and inaccuracies when performing tasks.
his work must be completed by the action of man.
Did you say Must? I am struggling to fully agree hopefully you might throw more light

they are not aware of what they are doing, they just follow orders.
Hehehe………. I like the way you had it put.

@creativeblue AI can be a double edged sword. It is up to us as to how we use it. Great Post goodluck
resteemed and upvoted in support ;)

I think it never crossed my mind to use artificial intelligence and the blockchain, I knew that one could complement the other, but not that they could work together.

It seems very important that you remind us that the AI can not think, just follow orders, so that many do not get scared with images of Terminator hahahaha.

As I have read, the most important challenge of the IA, is learning, apparently, it should see too many examples to understand how things work, unlike humans, we can see patterns easily.

Thank you for offering this post, I came here on @crypto.piotr's recommendation.

In some real life situation AI is not an advantage, if the advantage is more than the disadvantage then its worthwhile, i have not much to talk about on this topic as it scares me a lot.

A solid presentation upon the emergence of interfacing with everyday A.I. On a side not im having a ton of frustration with the human verification torture devices captcha, recaptcha I am a shoestring budget cryptoenthusiast which means i go to the faucets daily. I believe in the blockchain, that it is the new paradigm shift that will usher in a new age of reason and logic; improved accountability, rewarded authenticity, improved autonomy in ones education and finances, etc. on and on. Blockchain tech is the the slow but sure cognition that A.i. will one day use to truly wake up in the notion of singularity which im afraid the human mind is ill equipped to even truly fanthom the meaning,

However i am having problems with these prove your humanity in order to keep out the bots word reiterate tasks or worse the image matching selections in which you identify store fronts, buses, street signs, roads....whoever coded the captcha process needs to know that they have failed humanity, it is degrading and cruel to be accused of being a bot when i check and im 99.9% certain i am homo sapian on gaia of sol, terra firma with tidal locked orbit forward facing moon. North american canadian born american citizen living in a woeful rural town in the west of missouri called marshall. Since safari is hopeless and now chrome fails more often than not i use brave, dolphin, and firefox to get to the places i need to go. Ive tried the phillip k. Dick bladerunner (a book of breething originally by william s. Burroughs) method whereas you hold your breath until you either turn off or you pass out and your sympathetic nervous system kicks in its reptialian brain stem automatic functions. As a kid i experimented with blowing all your lung span out in such a way as a bit of vacuum would catch and suddenly it seemed to bypass the incessant cycle of in and out breaths. It worked really well submerged at the deep end of the pool as all the air expelled you can sit effortlessly at the bottom of the pool. I am tangential but my tensors are of the fact that u have been suffering due to captcha. My time on earth is reduced completing the little quizzes knowing that i filled them out correctly yet being rejected. This is not a joke. My frustration has grown exponentially as i wish the creator of captcha should be punished for causing suffering and struggle to his fellow humans. to think of all the countless hours wasted by this inane monster. Computing needs to be predictable and reliable. Am i the only one experiencing phenomena online such as this? I have other complaints as i have noticed the patterns of being survielled usually causes lags and
Anomilies such as the ones i am experiencing now where key strokes will stop and then the backspace delete locks, a feeling that something non human is tampering with me. If you know my back story it is one of being a targeted individual. Very simply due to dual citizenship causing me to be flagged and listed. Then observed with higher interest by whatever ABC letter orginisation of the military industrial petrofascist Arm of the USG. Look its like this if you are going to spy then do so. But lay off of my devices functioing . Dont push me cause im close to the edge. Im tryin
Hard not to lose my head. Haha ha hah. Right? Right? So im worried about A.i. Becomimg not nice. I hope that it is human beings deeo in thier D.U.M.Bs and not the A.i. Unleashing some cruel slow defragging of my sanity. I will admit this i am no bot but i sure am cyborg. Since 87 apple ][e apple kat 1200 baud mod i just need a new nervous system like the protaganist in william gibsons Neuromancer. The lyme disease and nonstop computing has it such that im struggling to figure where i stand with machine failure and some new class stratification of behind the scene token economies of whitelisted blacklisted provably fair liars of bullshit g/hs it was always a scam its there game humans will suffer in thier illusions of privacy and secure 2fa 16 word bips. We may be headed for a big fall. Yeah. Thats all. I have such highnhopes but really empirically i am being contantly harrased and bullied by a hidden armada of forces that dont have my vest interest in mind,696D0991-1994-4412-BC13-E2AAF18A9066.jpeg