Velas: Amazing Infrastructure Enhancing Blockchain With AI

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Blockchain has been a blessing to humanity but it is not without any disadvantage. Blockchain have some problems like the fact that many of them are to some degree centrlized. One of the problems of blockchain is also the fact that networks like bitcoin and the rest do run at maximum capacity which tend to affect efficiency.
Scalability is also one of the problem in blockchain.

With these problems in blockchain, Velas tend to solve it. Let me explain what Velas is, Velar is a self learning and self augmenting blockchain platform for a secure,scalable and efficient transactions and smart contracts . To enhance its consensus algorithm, this blockchain make use of neural networks which is possible through the effort of artificial intelligence.

Since security, scalability and cost are some of the problems facing blockchain, Velas is here is look into it as well as fix this on going challenges .
Series of algorithm used to identify patterns and relationships in a set of data is what artificial intelligence is and this is one of the features of Velas. One of the benefits of Velas AI is that it calculate the time of block formation as well as the reward for node operators this create the best result as it reduces the consensus cost that result in scalability that is more than 30,000 transaction in a second.
The Neural networks are made up of plenty simple organisms that remove the irregularities in the blockchain to enable the network do what it is supposed to do.

Advantages of Velas
1: Velas is decentralized fully through Artificial Intelligence (AI) enhanced Delegated Proof -of -Stake (AIDPoS)
2: The Artificial intelligence chooses who stakes based on the needs of the blockchain.
3: Every second or every five minutes, Velas create blocks only when it is required.
4: Velas has an excellent scalability of up to 30,000 transaction per second
5: And Block producers which are elected by Artificial Intuition.

The Artificial intelligence (AI) plays a very important role the Velas platform, let me outline in detail some of its benefit:

  • it allocates rewards correctly and efficiently.
  • it motivates participants of the nodes to be available and also active in the nodes which tend to improve rewards.
    *it increases the quality of messages and resistance to attacks by blocking fake messages about false transactions.
    *it accelerates Tx/sec and network workload is reduced as it forms timings of age.

Velas is the backbone which a whole ecosystem will run which include merchant platform, exchange as well as multisig wallet. Developers can integrate AI to projects as companies like Mind AI are building on Velas already.
One of the use cases of Velas blockchain is that just as Ethereum and ERC- 20 Companies can also be able to tokenize on Velas.


The Velas blockchain through its experienced team has shown that there are hidden positive side to blockchain. The team really are good at what they do and I salute them for that. If you are looking for something good to invest on as a investor,I will advise you to invest on Velas.
For more information about this project you can check the links below:

Facebook: chain/
Instagram: chain/

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