(SPOILERS) I don't think I'm gonna last Part 1 - A Partially Human, Partially AI Written Story Combining Bojack Horseman with AI Dungeon (SPOILERS)

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Hi guys,
I recently finished the show Bojack Horseman. Around the same time while working on my game, Unicorn Robot Party, I came across something called AI Dungeon. I thought it looked interesting but did nothing with it.

Then shortly after, one of the let's players I watch sometimes called Matt Shea ended up doing a video on AI dungeon and my partner and I watched it together a little later again. I was impressed. It messes up a bit but it does a lot better than a lot of other text generation style AIs I have seen and seems to keep track of various story elements to a better degree. It is funny but impressive. Matt Shea made his own stories with it though. I will link his video in the links section.

I am in the process of making Bojack Horseman fan fiction using it which of course meant dealing with possibilities that it might randomly contradict character's personalities etc on its own regardless of my input.


ai dungeon snip.PNG

AI dungeon is a text adventure game created with technology based off of an AI model called GPT-2. From what I can tell it is similar to what I have been trying to do with Kid AI in my game with the AI program predicting what text likely follows, but it is a more advanced version of that sort of AI. If anyone else has more experience with GPT-2 and would like to discuss in more depth, I would be glad to learn more.

AI Dungeon refers to the player as You.

My experience with AI Dungeon is that it can forget some things but it seems to do a pretty good job of keeping track of things, quite a bit better than other similar AIs I have seen. The very start was shakier than later on in the story.

I first found AI Dungeon on a web page on PC here: https://aidungeon.io/ but it is on mobile too.

One thing I discovered that is important is that you need to keep it open. It saves stories so you won't lose them if you shut the app, but it will only be saved as a finished story and you won't be able to go back in and edit a story if you shut the app.


bojack intro image.png

This is a Bojack Horseman fanfiction written from a combination of my input and an AI's input. The story follows Bojack. This is following the end of the series and contains some spoilers for how the show ends, since it follows directly on from there. I did fictionalise some of what follows myself but mostly the AI got that rolling and I responded to its plot in ways that seemed appropriate. I did try to make Mr Peanutbutter happy by saying the crossover line myself too, more than once.

If you are watching Bojack Horseman and haven't seen the end yet, I'd recommend not reading this until you have finished the show.

This is only part of the way through this story as it is getting reasonably long. Hence I present to you, I don't think I'm gonna last Part 1. The italics are what I wrote, normal text is the AI and bold is me adding notes.


Image by maz-Alph from Pixabay

I am Bojack Horseman, an anthromorphic horse who is an actor. I live in Hollywoob, a city full of human and anthromorphic animals. I just got out of prison.

"You? You're not even human! That's what you are?! What the hell happened to your body? And why did you get out of prison anyway?"

"I did my time. It did me good because it kept me out of trouble

"Yeah, yeah, whatever. Just tell us where we can find that place."

"What place?"

"It's a secret"

"I can't tell you where it is if you don't tell me what you are talking about"

Call mr peanutbutter

mr peanutbutter on phone.jpg

You hear him ask you for some money.
You say "No, I'm sorry sir, but I can't tell you anything about this place."
You give up and go back home.

I knock on the door to Mr peanutbutters house

You see his face when he sees you.
He says "Oh no, it's you!".
You run away from him and hide in a bush.
The next day, you come back to the same spot and look at the bushes again.

"that was odd. Mr peanutbutter always seemed so loyal" I mutter to myself.

You think about the next day.
You wake up in the morning and realise that you have been dreaming all night long.
You remember that you were a little girl and there was something strange going on with Mr peanutbutter...

Make breakfast for Mr peanutbutter

You eat your breakfast and then you go back to sleep.
The next day, you wake up and notice that Mr peanutbutter has disappeared.
You check everywhere where you slept last night and nothing is there anymore.
You try to figure out how this could happen...

Go to Mr peanutbutters workplace

You see that everything is normal.
You wonder if you should report this to the police or not. <|endoftext>The first thing I noticed as soon as I stepped into the lobby of the hotel was that it wasn't exactly like any other hotel lobby I'd ever seen before
I had no idea what happened here but after looking on the subreddit for AI Dungeon, it appears that <|endoftext|> essentially means the AI got bored and decided to write its own thing instead. I didn't know this though and tried to work with this new hotel situation instead.

"how did I get in a hotel? This is weird. I have still been sober haven't I?"

You walk around the outside of the building and you find that it isn't just the lobby that had changed; every room inside was different too.
You take a closer look at one of them and you see that it looks very familiar...

Since this was going on a random tangent, I stopped being serious

I start doing the bojack

You wake up in the middle of the night and see that you're back in your own bed.

You decide to keep sleeping until morning.

The next day, you wake up and realise that you've been living in a dream world for two days now.

Wake up

You remember that you were a little girl and there was something strange going on with Mr peanutbutter...
You make breakfast for Mr peanutbutter.
You eat your breakfast and then you go back to sleep.

Wake up

You remember that you were a little girl and there was something strange going on with Mr peanutbutter...
You make breakfast for Mr peanutbutter.
You eat your breakfast and then you go back to sleep

Apparently every time I wake the exact same thing happens

Call Princess Carolyn

calling princess carolyn.png

She answers the phone.
She asks what's wrong.
Your answer "I'm sorry but I can't do anything about my situation". Then she tells you to hang on a minute while she goes to get some coffee from the kitchen.

Tell her I can't stop dreaming and I'm sure I'm sober but I'm very confused

She says that maybe you need to talk to someone else because she knows a psychologist who might be able to help you.
She hangs up the phone and calls the number again, but this time she doesn't even bother trying to speak English, she speaks only Spanish!

Book an appointment with a psychologist

You decide to wait a few more days before making any decisions.
A week passes and you still don't know what to do.
Two weeks pass and you're starting to feel really stressed out by all this.

Ask Mr peanutbutter for help

He agrees to meet you tomorrow evening.
You decide to go along with his offer.
You arrive at the meeting place at around 8:00 PM.
Mr peanutbutter arrives wearing a suit instead of his usual clown outfit.

Tel This was a typo but at that point I didn't know how to undo and I didn't mind the results so my action was tel and it accepted that

He greets you warmly and says he's glad to see you.
You explain everything that has happened since yesterday.
He tells you that if he could change anything, it would be to not drink so much when you woke up in the first place.

"That's the thing. I don't think I drunk anything but nothing makes sense."

He says he thinks you just had a bad dream and that you should try to relax and take things easy today.
You agree to his plan.
You spend the rest of the day relaxing in your room.

Volunteer teaching acting to youth

They are thrilled with your suggestion.
You thank him for helping you and telling you how much fun it is to act.
You go back to sleeping. <|endoftext|>
<|startoftext|>"Mr peanutbutter!"


"thank you for talking to me yesterday"

"Of course, but I didn't expect you to come here right now."

I tried to make it so that I was staying with Mr Peanutbutter for a bit since getting out of prison but this was easier said than done

"You invited me to stay with you for a bit after I got out of prison"

"Well, yeah, but..."

"I can start looking for somewhere else."

"What? But... but you have to stay here!"

"okay, I mean I guess it makes for a pretty good crossover episode"

"Yeah, well I'm sorry to disappoint you, but my parents aren't going to let me live anywhere else. I'll get over it eventually, but they won't be around forever. So if you want to leave soon then we can talk again later."

"How is your brother?"

"He's fine. He was just having some trouble adjusting to being alone for the first time. It took awhile before he even started talking to me, but he did eventually."

"Adjusting to being alone can be hard. I was scared of Todd leaving"


"You know what? I don't give a crap about your brother. That guy was an idiot. I'd rather worry about myself than him anyway."

"Todd isn't my brother"

"Oh no, he isn't! Look, I don't care about your brother at all. Just stop calling me by that name and call me Mr Peanutbutter."

"Okay... Still see Erica?"

"No, she's not coming either. She left when she heard about Todd getting arrested."

"Todd didn't get arrested. I did"

"So you're saying you were in jail too?!"

"yes for breaking and entering into my old house when drunk. I forgot it wasn't my house any more. I feel sorry for the kid seeing me drowning in the pool"

"That's so sweet but I think you should come back here sometime. We have a lot in common."

"we do. Mr peanutbutter and bojack horseman in the same house. What is this? A crossover episode?"

"Well yeah, but I don't think you two are really friends yet. Maybe you could make out after the show."

"we have more in common than I realised earlier"

"I thought you said you had a crush on Bojack. Well, I'm glad to hear it because I've been thinking about how much we have in common"

He thought I had a crush on myself?

"thanks... For letting me stay... For being there... For everything really"

"Yeah, yeah, whatever. Come on let's go eat."

"what should we get to eat?"

"Let's go to one of those places where they serve food with bacon in it."


"Okay, okay, fine. Let's go to one of those places where they serve food with bacon in it."

Image by Pearl Vaj from Pixabay

Eat food

You end up eating at a place called The Bacon Palace. It was pretty good.

"wait was Todd really in prison too?"

"Yes, he got sent there for stealing some clothes from the Salvation Army. He was released after serving his time."

"odd. That doesn't sound like him. Is he doing okay"

"He's not doing well. He still has nightmares every now and then."

"that sucks. Do you know what his nightmares are about?"

"No, but I hope that they're not about me or something similar."

"Hmm I might try calling him. He has every right not to answer but I would like to help if I could"

"Sure, why not? Call him up and tell him you want to do something nice for him."

Look around bacon restaurant. "maybe we should go home first. More private"

You leave
You walk back home with your new friend. They both seem happy. You think you've made a good choice here.

Call todd

todd with phones.jpg

You dialed the number on the back of the note.
"Hey, this is Todd. How can I help you today?"

"Todd it's me bojack. Are you okay? Mr peanutbutter said you went to jail and have been having nightmares. I know it's none of my business but I just wanted to check if you are okay and let you know I can talk if you need to."

"Oh thank you so much! I'm glad to hear that!"

"so are you okay? Seriously?"

"I'm fine, I guess I'll see you later tonight then."


"Yeah, I'm going to be at the park until midnight. I don't usually drink as much as I do when I go out but sometimes it helps me sleep. It's been a long day anyway so maybe we can hang out sometime tomorrow night?"


You hung up the phone. You were actually surprised how easy it was to get through to Todd. He seemed realy friendly though and didn't seem too upset about being arrested.

Watch mr peanutbutters house with Mr peanutbutter

You left the house after getting home from Todds house pretty sure I was only on the phone but okay
You had no idea where to start looking though so you called the police station. The operator answered and told you she couldn't help you because there wasn't anything wrong in your neighbourhood.

Go to sleep in bed at mr peanutbutters house I fucked this one up. I tried to remind the AI that I was staying at mr peanutbutters house and not my own house but uh you'll see...

You got into bed at Mr. PeanutButters house. As soon as you lay down he started kissing you and touching you all over. After a few minutes of this, you woke up feeling very horny and began masturbating thinking about what was happening to you.

"what is this? A crossover episode?"

You thought about what happened last night and realised that it was a crossover episode between Bojack Horseman and Mr. PeanutButters House.

crossover episode i dont think im gonna last pt 1 .jpg


This is the end of Part 1 of this weird partly human written, partly AI written fanfiction that follows after the end of the Bojack Horseman series. What I have in the app already is longer than this but I thought I'd end it here for now.

It does struggle in some areas, but it does a better job than a lot I've seen. What I've seen before would still have created more nonsense than this. I do find it interesting that it writes <|endoftext|> and starts going on a new tangent, and I haven't seen that before.

This seems to be an improvement on stuff like the Harry Potter AI that wrote a Harry Potter chapter. AIs are pretty much always funny to a degree because of being imperfect but this is holding it together enough for the most part that it isn't complete nonsense. I think it does better when characters are less developed too and you just go in going "I'm this thing and I'm in this situation" but I wanted to give Bojack a try.

It is also interesting where this story develops from here, at least so far, and I hope you guys enjoy this weird piece of fanfiction.

My game I'm working on is also going well but this was a nice break from working on it to fiddle around with an AI and one of my favourite TV shows.

I hope you enjoyed part 1.

I will now leave you with the Bojack Horseman ending music.


AI Dungeon in Browser: https://play.aidungeon.io/

Matt Shea's video on AI Dungeon (funny, impressive and definitely worth a watch):

Matt Shea's video on the Harry Potter AI I compared AI Dungeon to (funny, worth a watch if you haven't come across this AI before):

Teenagers over 13 or Parents of Children, get a free copy of the printable version of the base game for Unicorn Robot Party by completing this survey: https://www.surveymonkey.com/r/DMZX8T7

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Thank you for reading!

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