Using Aigents bot service to get social network analytics for Facebook, Google+ and VKontakte

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Social networks are great instrument connecting people around the globe, enabling connectivity, escalating world-wide communications and powering social elevators. However, sometimes we can not benefit using them because we are not able to handle all connections, manage all friends in cyberspace and relations with them, being unable to handle all that "big data" coming through the social feeds. Also, in the course of communications, sometimes we barely make sense of actual impact of our own posts and likes.
Now, here is the instrument to make it all much easier. With support of Artificial Intelligence Internet Agents (Aigents) at, you can make sense of yourself, your interests, words that you say, things that you like and friends and colleagues that you have.
All what you have to get it used, is to visit and register on it using your email or any of the three social networks mentioned (Facebook, Google+ and VKontakte). Just click on one of the three image buttons in the top right corner of the screen, like is shown in the following video.

Once you are registered with email or one of social networks, you can connect other social networks using the same buttons.
Since this moment, system starts monitoring your social network activity on your Home page in any of these social networks (activity in Groups is not counted).
Any time since then, you can move your mouse to the same icon in the top-right corner and select Report option from the menu. This will generate complete report of your activity over the past period.
What can you see in this report?
My interests - areas of your interest that system tries to identify automatically.
Interests of my friends - areas of interest of your friends, that system tries to identify automatically.
Similar to me - list of your friends and connections system considers similar to you, with percentage of similarity rendered and list of words use of which makes two of you similar displayed to the right.
Friends - list of connections with like your posts or comment on them while you do the same to their posts mutually.
Fans - list of connections that like your posts or comment on them while you don't pay too much attention to ones of their own - can be though as "followers".
Authorities - list of connections that are liked and commented by yourself while they don't pay too much attention to your posts in return.
My words by periods - list of words that are used and/or liked by you in different periods of your activity to greater extent.
My favorite words - list of words and concepts that are used and/or liked by you in your activity across all periods.
My posts liked and commented - ranked list of your most popular posts for the period - attracting maximum number of likes and comments by others.
My posts for the period - chronological overview of all your posts over the time of your activity for given periods, with the likes and comments that they attract and links that they supply.

In the tables of the report, there are columns indicating particular statistics:
Crosses - number of commonly used words used by you and friend or colleague (which indicate shared interests).
My likes - number of likes/votes you give to particular friend or colleague or post or comment or single word.
Likes - number of likes/votes given to you or your post by particular friend or colleague.
Comments - number of comments provided for particular post of comment or single word.

Our Aigents service is still in "beta" testing so any suggestions or bug reports are welcome. And we are looking for potential partners and investors too :-)
Stay tuned for news!

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