Aigents as bot on Telegram

in ai •  2 years ago

Aigents service is now accessible as bot on Telegram:

Full chat-style interaction is available - still using Aigents language which is "controlled English" language or can be thought as English-Turtle "pidgin" (where Turtle is standard language for Semantic Web programming).

You can even order report on your activity in social networks (Facebook, Google+, etc.) and download it via Aigents Bot in Telegram!
To do so, once registered and/or logged onto @Aigents (AigentsBot) on Telegram, just say:
"my facebook report"
"my google report"

Sample use of Aigents Language can be seen here:

To learn more about "Aigents Language", see the following video:

Stay tuned for Aigents news, the Aigents bot for Facebook Messenger will be announced shortly!

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but is it possible to use this to get analytics for traffic from google searches leading to steemit?


Hi! For analytics for traffic from google searches - if you own Steemit web site, you can setup for it and get this analytics. In our analytics with, we account for communication between people and posts with comments and likes (we don't have access to Google traffic yet).


How do you mean when you say a steemit website. Do you mean a regular website where you place steemit links on, so you can get analytics for google traffic to the links or a website built around or on steem blockchain. Is it already possible to build a website on steem blockchain


Right, for any website (including one that is built on blockchain) you can use to do analysis of incoming traffic. Is it what you asked about? If you rather need to do analysis of content or relationships between people, our may help then.