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Ahok is a very effective governor

He pretty much eradicate corruption through ways that obviously works. He set up e-budgeting. So no body can modify price anonymously. He also have a team to ensure that government's budget is spent efficiently.

The result is insane. I've been in Indonesia for 40 years. Not once I've seen the river is clean


Roads are being build. Our roads contain no holes again.

The city budget is not spent fully and yet all these are achieved.

I don't usually like socialism. However, we pay the same tax. And yet the infrastructure is improved. The poor kids get money to go to school. The people also get a universal health care. All these are achieved with LESS money. Thanks to Ahok making corruption effectively impossible.

And most people, irrelevant of religions, would normally pick him again. Most expect that this guy won't be governor for long. He'll be picked again as governor, and then become vice president along with Jokowi, and then eradicate corruption in the whole Indonesia, and we'll be the next advance country

His opponents use Al Maidah 51 to persuade people not to elect Ahok. However, even this is far from enough. The Christian Ahok is expected to have 70% votes in the muslim majority Jakarta. The reason why it's far from enough is because muslims don't even know about Al Maidah 51. Muslims in Indonesia do not choose CEO, managers, or even other governors based on Al Maidah 51. Many muslim scholars do not think Al Maidah 51 is relevant for gubernatorial election.

Gus Dur, a prominent muslim scholars and ex Indonesian president told Ahok that governor is servant of the people and not their leader. Ahok, of course, agrees.

One day, Ahok said that people may be lied to by using Al Maidah 51. The farmers laugh. Why do they laugh? You got to understand how corrupt indonesian society is. Most people think that whoever wants to replace Ahok must have dishonest political agenda. And those people use Al Maidah 51 to get elected.

Most Ahok's supporter think that Ahok means some people may use Al Maidah 51 for dishonest purpose (such as stealing governments' money). Ahok also claims this. He doesn't mean the ulama or the verse is lying. He means the corrupt politicians are lying to get elected.

However, the court twist this. They claim that Ahok means Al Maidah 51 itself or the ulama saying it is lying.

It becomes a trial of century. The election in Jakarta itself "feels" like presidential election.


Now, whether what Ahok said constitute an insult to islam is very open to debate. Most proponents of Ahok says no, irrelevant of what the court says. Most opponents of Ahok says yes.

Opponents of Ahok are usually corrupt officials that lose money. They are also backed by terrorists and racists people that want government to favor them. The rent seekers so to speak.

However, not one of the people that listen to him directly complain. It's always someone else, going the extra mile of watching his video, and pretend or claim to get offended that reports to cops. Those people claim that those directly listening to Ahok is too dumb to get offended.

Even the demonstration against Ahok is done by people from outside Jakarta coming to Jakarta to do demonstration. They don't have enough people in Jakarta to do demonstration.

Most demonstration in support of Ahok are done by Indonesians outside Indonesia, interestingly.

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