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Agust 2019

Tottal 3000

1.andy 500 (100x3)
2.eka p 400 (80x3)
3.joe kur 300 (90x2)
4.wardika 300 (90x2)
5.swarna 200 (60x2)
6.a. parta 200 (60x2)
7.chef wayan 200 (60x2)
8.purwanto 100 (60x1)
9.anto 100(60x1)
10.aheng 100 (60x1)
11.heru p 100 (60x1)
12.sutika 100 (60x1)
13.tiswanto 100 (60x1)
14.boby 100 (60x1)
15.krndra 100 (60x1)
16.ayuk 100 (60x1)

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