Pavocoin — Why are we changing the public token generation event date?

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  1. Status: The current market conditions are turbulent, even for crypto standards. Market projections call for a positive environment, post-summer, of this year. Further, we are in the midst of completing our token road-shows in Asia, Latin-America and Europe. To adhere to committed meeting schedules, and, in order to meet all of our enthusiastic community members in various geographic regions, we had no choice but to change the token generation event date.
  2. Large Token Buyer Groups: We are thrilled with the number of funds that have committed and are looking forward to increasing the commitment level. However, we have also noted many “whales” in our whitelist. We would like to see a broader distribution of Pavo tokens and more diversity among our buyers, and the regions they reside in.
  3. ICOBOX Partnership: We continue to be pleased with this decision, and we will be one of the first ICOs to hold a crowd-sale on our co-developed platform. By holding the ICO on the jointly-customized ICO platform, we get the best of both worlds: An experienced ICO partner with vast blockchain and cryptocurrency experience, and a great, proven, platform.
    After careful consideration, we have decided to schedule the ICO for September of this year. The exact date will be announced on our website.
    Is the pre-sale still progressing?
    Yes, it is. Many of you have already whitelisted and have shown interest in participating, and we will continue our public pre-sale via the website until the ICO and continue to work with private token buyers. Our whitelist continues to flourish and our Telegram community has reached nearly 60,000 Pavo enthusiasts, looking to be part of the transformation of agriculture with IoT and Blockchain.
    Our pre-sale round provides significant bonuses as a courtesy to those who have shown their passion and confidence in our social impact project from its earliest stages.
    The funds raised on our platform during the pre-sale are held in an escrow account and will be returned in full if the soft-cap during the ICO is not reached. You will always be able to check the balance on the publicly available ETH address and will be able to verify that the funds have not been moved or used.

Presale bonus structure:

Purchase of $500 to $1,000 USD — bonus of 27% through September 12th
Purchase of $1,001 to $2,500 USD — bonus of 30% through September 12th
Purchase of $2,501 USD and higher — bonus of 33% through September 12th


09.13–09.24 — $1 + 25% bonus
09.25–10.01 — $1 + 18% bonus
10.02–10.08 — $1 + 11% bonus
10.09–10.15 — $1 + 5% bonus
10.16–10.22 — $1. No Bonus

Please visit our website for more information. We are also available on our Telegram channel to answer any questions you may have.


Great project! All soon be purchased tokens!

I believe this project will be successful

It is a good decision.

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