Pavocoin Ag Execs Head to the UAE to Participate in the Dubai Blockchain Summit on August 9

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Pavocoin AG executives have been traveling the globe, introducing their groundbreaking technology that combines the wisdom of local farmers with the latest in blockchain, Machine Learning, and IoT technologies. Senior team members have recently toured Turkey, Malaysia, Japan, and beyond, and this week, Pavo is headed to the UAE to participate in the Dubai International Blockchain Summit, which takes place on August 9, 2018. The summit expects to attract 5,000 attendees and will feature speakers and companies from 18 countries.
Pavocoin AG, which has offices in Switzerland and in California, USA, is headed to the summit to speak with fellow blockchain enthusiasts about their SaaS platform for improving yield, quality and revenue for farmers. Their solution is aimed at farmers and cultivators around the world who want to streamline and optimize their agricultural operations. The platform offers remote recording, real-time reporting, and analysis of all growing activities from planting and spraying records to shipping conditions and delivery. It also employs IoT and AI technology to track and analyze field conditions in real time. Because the app is both mobile- and web-based, any adjustments can be made as needed by the grower from anywhere in the world. The blockchain component of their system enables secure transactions and payments, supports smart contracts, cashless transactions, and also provides provenance and food traceback capabilities to help better manage the food supply chain.
The company is piloting their platform at several farms and orchards around the world, including in the United States and Turkey, with projects in other jurisdictions under discussion, and close to announcements. The underlying technology proved itself in Turkey not long ago, after extreme weather conditions devastated that country’s $2 billion hazelnut industry. Since then, Pavocoin has developed a system that analyzes every step of the farming and cultivation process, from seed to harvest to delivery.
Dubai may not, on the face of it, appear to be an obvious agricultural center, but with food security top-of-mind, the UAE government is supporting innovation to encourage more farming development in the territory. The government is investigating innovative techniques like soilless growing, including hydroponics, in order to boost its local farming output. Since farmers in the region are limited to a short growing period and face limited desalinated irrigation supply, experts recognize that smart technology like Pavocoin’s will be key for UAE growers to meet the demands of their local market. Pavocoin’s extensive experience with irrigation restrictions in California and Turkey gives them unique insight into the needs of modern farmers with limited watering resources. The Pavocoin app enables growers to optimize the timing of watering and the amount of water used, and could enable growers to optimize for conditions down to individual plants.
The UAE imports over 85% of its agricultural goods, but its government has implemented a 15-year strategy that focuses on sustainability and self-sufficiency. Still, the strategy includes offshore initiatives such as agricultural investments in places like Namibia, South Africa, and Sudan. Another key issue for UAE consumers is organic farming, but it can be difficult to track the growing conditions of fresh produce when only 15% is presently grown locally. Pavocoin’s platform is particularly effective for growers who are managing crops across many jurisdictions because of its remote management capability. The blockchain aspect of the solution also makes the procurement process completely transparent, allowing growers managing international crops to ensure value and branding efforts. The region faces distinct challenges in meeting its farming goals, and the Pavocoin team aims to demonstrate that their technology is uniquely poised to meet them.
Pavocoin is presently in the second phase of its public presale, which runs until September 12, 2018. Token buyers can enjoy bonuses of up 33% with a minimum purchase of 2501 PAVO tokens. The project’s main sale will begin on September 13, with a 25% bonus and no minimum purchase required. The public sale will continue until October 22 with decreasing bonuses available.
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