Pavo to Host Crypto and Blockchain Event In Istanbul

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On July 17, 2018, the Pavocoin team will be hosting a large cryptocurrency and blockchain event in Istanbul. Joining Pavo will be Turkey’s entrepreneurial consortium, T90 Blockchain, and ICOBox, the world’s leading blockchain startup accelerator offering a wide range of ICO consulting services. The law firm of Solak & Partners will also attend the event and share information on legal frameworks surrounding new technological developments in fintech and ICOs in Turkey.
Pavocoin AG, which has offices in Switzerland and California in the US, has always had a special connection to Turkey, where their technology is used to help hazelnut farmers improve crop yields. In 2014, extreme weather devastated the Turkish hazelnut crop, which resulted in a 60% increase in global prices. In 2016, Turkish hazelnut exports amounted to $2 billion, or about 75% of the world’s market, so crop interruption in Turkey has global effects. Pavocoin worked with local farmers to develop a method to predict total hazelnut yield by modeling the individual trees’ responses to their local environmental conditions. They’ve developed a system that analyzes every step of the growing process, from seed to harvest to delivery, which could allow farmers of any scale to track and adjust for local growing conditions right down to each individual hazelnut tree. (The solution is also deployed in tree nut farms in California’s Central Valley.)
The company has gone even further, however, in its bid to create groundbreaking technology that combines the wisdom of local farm knowledge with the latest in AgTech and blockchain technologies. Pavocoin is now poised to offer a complete software platform that incorporates IoT, machine learning and blockchain technologies. Their user-friendly web- and mobile-based app brings together everything the AgTech ecosystem needs, including remote recording, real-time reporting, and analysis of all growing activities from planting to spraying records to shipping conditions and delivery. All agriculture functions can be tracked by farmers and can be analyzed on the fly, so any adjustments can be made as needed by the grower from anywhere in the world. The blockchain component of their system enables an online marketplace, providing secure transactions and payments, smart contracts, and cashless transactions, and also serves to track provenance and food traceback capabilities to help better manage the food supply chain.
Pavocoin AG’s CEO Erhan Çakmak notes that unlike many ICOs emerging this year, Pavocoin already has active product distribution. Indeed, the company unrolled its platform for use by almond farmers in California earlier this year. “We have been working hard to develop our product so that any farmer anywhere in the world can make use of cutting-edge technology and participate in the blockchain ecosystem which will make their operations more streamlined and transparent,” he says. “Pavocoin is taking the lead in AgTech technology by fostering an agricultural ecosystem focused on highly technologized crop growing, processing, and distribution.”
The Pavo cryptocurrency and blockchain event will take place at the Renaissance Istanbul Polat Bosphorus Hotel. The event will include an introduction to Pavocoin’s PAVO token which powers their platform. The company is presently in the second phase of its token presale, and offers various bonuses for bulk token purchases, with the minimum purchase set at 500 tokens. The presale ends on September 12, 2018, and the main sale will kick off on September 13 with an 18% bonus and no minimum token purchase. The sale will continue until October 22, 2018, with decreasing bonuses offered. Each PAVO costs $1.
Register for the event here. Limited free tickets are available.
Learn more about Pavo at


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