How to participate in Pavo token sale. Step-by-step guide.

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Hi there!
Want to buy Pavo tokens? That’s great! Thanks for the attention to our project. We prepared a step-by-step instruction for you. Follow it. In case of uncovered questions, we’re glad to help you in our live Telegram group
Participation in the token sale includes 6 steps:
Account registration (probably you’ve passed through it already)
Looking at our excellent converter to calculate the amount of tokens and your bonus
Depositing the funds
Buying tokens
Tokens’ withdrawal
We’ll go through them and explain all of the details to make your process smooth and easy.
Let’s begin.
Step 1. Account registration
Everything is starting with registration — let’s get acquainted!

  1. Go to the and click Sign up button

  2. Enter your Email, choose a password (don’t forget to confirm it and agree to the terms of services) and push Continue button

  3. That’s it — now you have an account on the Pavo token sale platform. Are you ready to buy some tokens? Let’s move on!

Step 2. How much should I pay? How many tokens can I get for my money?

If you know the amount of money you want to deposit, but not sure about tokens volume you’ll get — use our internal converter for fast and easy calculation. You’ll see how much you can spend in any currency and what amount of tokens and bonuses you’ll get depends on the day of sales and the number of tokens you want to buy.
Please, have a look how our converter works. Easy like ABC.
1.If you want to pay in BTC

  1. If you want to pay with Etherium

  2. If you want to pay with USD

How to use a converter:

Enter the specific amount of Pavo tokens on the left side of the form.
Choose your payment currency: Bitcoin, Litecoin, Bitcoin Cash, Dash, ZCash, EUR, CHF or USD.
That’s it — on the right side you can see the amount you have to pay in chosen currency and down below — your bonuses for purchase.

Step 3. KYC

In order to participate in tokensale, you need to verify your identity and beneficial owners of funds. Please, provide us with some personal information and supporting documents, which will be used in the preparation of verifying your identity and beneficial ownership of funds in accordance with Swiss regulations. For this purpose, an appointment for a video identification session will be scheduled at a later stage. Verification at is very simple and intuitive. Follow the steps below to complete it successfully. If you have any questions, please contact support team [email protected]

Step 4. Make a deposit

After you calculate how much you should pay for your portion of tokens let’s move to next step — deposit. There are 3 different options to make a deposit.
Please note, that depositing funds to your account doesn’t mean the purchase of the Pavo tokens. After the funds are deposited, you need to complete Step 5 to purchase Pavo tokens.
If you want to purchase Pavo tokens with any altcoins (no BTC), please note that the price of Pavo tokens would be calculated at the time of actual purchase of the Pavo tokens, not at the time of depositing funds to your account. We’ll use actual rate every time when you make a purchase.
OPTION 1 — CRYPTOCURRENCIES (the easiest one)

To make a deposit in cryptocurrency, you need to choose your type of currency and generate your personal unique address for payment.
After this go to your wallet/exchange/mining pool account and send funds to this address. Please make sure your deposit equals or exceeds the minimum purchase amount.
Funds will appear in your Pavo account only after the transaction gets a few confirmations from the network. This can take from 10 minutes to 2 hours and more, depending on network current load and your transaction fee.

If you want to deposit USD to your account, you need to generate an invoice.
Click Generate invoice button and fill in the fields.
Invoice with a unique number and all of the payment information will be sent to your email. You can pay in the bank with international transfer. Don’t forget to add “Pavo invoice number” (example: # INV-Pavo-1111) to the payment note.
Payment will take a few days to proceed — you can ask about expected payment time in your bank.
Please note that deposit of funds is not a purchase of Pavo tokens. You need to complete Step 5 and purchase the required number of tokens with the deposited funds.

Step 5. Buying tokens

After you made a deposit you can buy tokens — hooray! Just enter the amount that you wanted (or use “Spend all funds” button in your account), check total price and click “Buy now” button. Congratulations! You’re done — now you have Pavo tokens!

Step 6. Set your wallet for withdrawal

  1. Click on the ‘Enter ETH wallet’ on the right-side menu.
  2. Enter your email and ETH wallet. Please, make sure, that your wallet support ERC-20.
  3. Save changes.
    Tokens will be distributed to your account after the end of ICO — this applies to purchased tokens, bonuses for the purchase or deposit.
    If you didn’t get tokens, please, contact our Support: [email protected]
    What do you do with tokens? You can withdraw it to your wallet or keep it for some time on your Pavo account (deadline for withdrawal is a few days after the end of ICO or hardcap). The withdrawal process is automated, but you’ll need to push the button to confirm payment.
    Have any questions that we hadn’t covered? Ask them in our Telegram chat!

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A project without drawbacks, everything is done simply and easily. Love it!

Thank you, excellent instructions, everything is very detailed.

It was quite easy. Thanks for the information, very helpful

Very clear instruction on how to participate on this token sale. Common guys grab this opportunity now! Participate on sale!

nice project and I would buy and withdraw..

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