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Agriculture provides numerous opportunity for making money either by being an active or a passive farmer. You could also become active by going fully into agriculture incorporating both the cropping aspect of agriculture and could become a multipurpose business tycoon.

A passive farmer will concentrate on the aspect of quick money making in farming that is, the livestock between seven and eighty weeks of investment, Agriculture is not a career barrier because doctors, lawyers, engineers and other person can supplement their income by keeping a medium scale poultry farm, a fishpond , a snail farm or a small garden at the backyard or a small piece of land. It's does not need huge amount to start, just start and their will no limitation.

Poultry farm is what i like to call the money ritual business , be it large scale or small scale. Raising chicken , turkey , ducks or geese for their meat and egg and fertilizer. When on a large scale of feeds for fishes when it's combined is a very important business in our society. This is due to the continuous and excessive demand for protein and the concerned about the dietary fact present in others source s of protein.

This has made poultry product the safest source of protein, hence a viable business.
You could either keep a broiler or a layer because time-frame is proportional to the dividends.
With modern innovation, a small piece of land is needed, start with a battery cage which can contain up to 50 birds or more depending on the size of the cage.
With little money in livestock business, only you and God can determined the extent of expansion. Let us help our country in providing more protein and keep kwashiorkor out of the nation.