Pavo Makes Inroads with Innovation Leaders During Their Malaysian Roadshow

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The Pavo team has been busy this summer visiting countries across the globe with their roadshow to introduce their groundbreaking platform to the world. The company’s co-founder and vice chairman, Allan Young, recently spent 10 days touring Malaysia, where he headed up meetings with various funds and innovation incubators in Kuala Lumpur. Young introduced the company’s SaaS crop management platform that enables growers to monitor and analyze crop conditions from anywhere in the world and to optimize growing procedures. Built for the AgTech sector, Pavocoin AG is a comprehensive solution that brings together IoT, AI, and blockchain technologies.
During the Malaysia roadshow, Young met with the innovation incubator MaGIC (the Malaysian Global Innovation & Creativity Centre), an organization dedicated to empowering the spirit of entrepreneurship and innovation in Malaysia. MaGIC offers learning resources, networking, and incubation opportunities for creative individuals and entrepreneurs, including mentorship, a national regulatory sandbox, and startup accelerators. The organization also enjoys formal relationships with Stanford University and UP Global, which is a non-profit impact-based collaborative effort that supports entrepreneurs and has strategic relationships in 110 countries.
Young says he’s pleased to have been invited into the MaGIC ecosystem, because the organization enjoys partnerships with national and government funds that have either an agricultural or social impact mandate. “Malaysian agriculture plays a smaller role in the nation’s overall economy than in many other countries,” explains Young. “But the government is taking steps to help the country become more agriculturally self-sufficient. The country recently implemented its 11th Malaysia Plan (11MP), which focuses on green, sustainable growth and mechanization with an emphasis on enhancing technological and scientific advancements. Pavocoin AG offers proven technology that can play a key role in helping 11MP meet its goals. Through our relationship with MaGIC, we will be able to connect with creative agricultural entrepreneurs who want to implement state-of-the-art technology into their ventures.”
While Malaysia’s agricultural output is relatively small, it is still the world’s leading producer of rubber, and is also an important supplier of palm oil, which accounts for about 47% of the country’s agricultural output. The problem for the latter crop is that it has a poor international reputation, as tropical forests are often razed in order to plant the more lucrative palm. A solution like Pavo’s could help innovative growers by giving them the tools and data they need to make adjustments for growing conditions to optimize their crop harvests in a way that sustains instead of degrades productive lands. Because the Pavo platform can be used remotely from anywhere in the world, palm farmers could innovate new growing procedures using technology to avoid clear-cutting while still optimizing yield.
According to the Malaysian Department of Statistics the agricultural sector in the country has seen some consistent, though limited, growth since 2010, with jobs and wages showing a small upward trend as well. Interestingly, the department also notes a 22% increase in women-owned agricultural operations between 2010 and 2015. So women clearly play an important role in moving the agricultural industry forward in Malaysia. Young argues that in order to ensure their success, these innovators need the types of tools that will help build their enterprises. “We have found that investors and funds want to work with Pavo because they care about what we offer,” says Young. “They are imagining not just investing with us but also partnering with us to drive business development. In a country like Malaysia that is actively working to innovate and grow its agricultural self-sufficiency, we can play a role in implementing cutting-edge technology that will help entrepreneurial farmers meet the country’s ambitious objectives.”
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