Do you know how a coffee bush is born?

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Several days ago they gave me a coffee seed of a variety resistant to diseases, that's when I decided to start a new crop of coffee bushes of this variety. I had also made a small germination of cocoa seeds in those days, in which I did very well and the plants are about to be sown in the coffee farm, then I will be doing a publication of that topic.

Then I wanted to make a seedbed of cocoa bushes with new seeds and another one of coffee with the seeds that they had given me, but in spite of having the seeds, the costs were too high to do it for the price of the nursery bags, freight and other things that I needed to germinate. Although the desire was not lacking and I already thought to collect recycled containers to plant the new plants, I received an up vote in a past publication (which I appreciate very much) and good acquired what I needed to start the germination.

But, do you know how to start a germinator of coffee plants? 

I told them that I wanted to do something with recycled material, but that this will not affect the functionality at the time of germination. I remember that just those days when I was collecting the materials, I was invited to help with the cleaning of my church parking lot and this used rubber was there, then I imagined doing the container work for the seed germination, asking if it was useful and if I could take and they authorized me, and voila, a few hours later I was already in the garden of my house ready for work.

Then fill the rubber with river sand, disinfect it by applying hot water to the substrate and when cool apply Trichoderma harzianum, then spread the coffee seeds and cover them with sand, apply irrigation and they remained there for 45 days until the germination began, then I waited a week more until the cotyledons opened, which are that pair of false leaves and that indicated that it was time to transplant to the nursery bag. This is a very beautiful process, it hurts that I did not have the camera on hand to make the corresponding captures.

Already with the open cotyledons I set out to perform the transplant, before everything must be well wet and disinfected the substrate of the bags. Once the respective irrigation is done, the holes are opened to introduce the roots of the seedlings.

And then the coffee plants are planted one by one, which in this state are known as '' Chapolas ''. Once all are sown, we proceed to water, and it is kept moist and well cared for until the appearance of the first pair of True leaves is observed, which indicates that the seedlings adapted correctly to their new substrate.

This was the result of the transplant, about 350 coffee seedlings, which will share the space with approximately 500 cocoa plants that were already planted, not bad for my little garden of 3x3 meters, hehehe, that was all for today friends, I hope have enjoyed the work and support with your upvote, happy and blessed day for all!

This was the end result of my little job, I hope for your support!


That is awesome. I have never seen anything about growing coffee. Be well.

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Hi @wafrica im ready! blessed day!

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