Agri Novus Airdrop

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Do you want to be part of the first coin project which is actually going to change the world in a healthy way? Yes? Okay you are invited to help us with a little bit of social marketing. In return you will get a nice stack of Agri Novus coins. Which you can either trade later-on or use to purchase organic and natural products online or even locally. Since the value is going to go up along the road, it's going to be very interesting to keep the coins instead of selling them shortly.

Agri Airdrop Program:

Job 0:Vote for us on NovaExchange ->
For every vote you'll get 500 coins

Job 1: 250 Agri Novus to Share & Follow & Write about us on Twitter:

Job 2: 250 Agri Novus to Like, Share and post about us on Facebook:

They will tend to do a payout round every day.

What is Agri Novus

Welcome to the program of Agri Novus. The first worldwide based digital currency to improve the overall health of humans by creating a funnel between the actual organic and natural food supply chains and the consumer as end user.

What is our goal

To start we will create our Agri Novus block-chain. Where after we will create social awareness for our coin project. Then we will give out free tokens to get the first users of the coin. Shortly after that we are going to get ourself on multiple altcoinexchanges to get real value within the block-chain. At this stage our marketeers will switch over and start contacting b2b small and medium sized organic and natural products web-shops to start accepting Agri Novus as payment method. Once we got more and more of those web-shops connected, we should get a viral growth of end users. We will even stimulate this by Organized give aways and discounts based shopping within the b2b connected shops to convince their customers to pay with Agri Novus.

Thus the businesses who accept our coin and all end users who use the coin to buy their organic supplies will be the key to create even more awareness to attract more businesses and end users to accept and pay with Agri Novus.

Our motivation

As Western Europe citizens it's quite normal that we are able to buy good quality organic products. But for lots and lots of other people worldwide it's not. They either do not know about all the benefits of organic products or might think its to expensive, while the number of users will grow, the value will grow along, what should make it cheaper for the end users to purchase organic products over time.

Coin Specification

RPC port 19970
P2P port 19969
Breward 25 coins
Max coin supply 500000000 coins
Premine percent 20p
POS percentage 60% per year
POW blocks block 1.25m
Maturity 10 blocks
Target timespan 1 block
Transaction 5 blocks

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