AGRELLO - Legally Binding Smart Contracts, Powered by AI

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Agrello, a blockchain startup developing “smart agreements” on the basis of AI orchestrated smart contracts; and ViewFin, developer of the “Metaverse” public blockchain platform, announced a strategic partnership today. As part of the collaboration, the two companies vowed to pool resources and knowledge to develop a shared digital identity engine.

Agrello partners up with ViewFin to develop digital identity engine
Last week, at the “Blockchain and Finance Conference” (BFC2017) in Singapore, we met with our friends and partners from ViewFin, the company behind the Metaverse blockchain. The event was co-sponsored by ViewFin and hosted the company’s founder and CEO, Eric Gu as speaker. Addressing the international audience attending the event, Eric used the opportunity to announce a strategic partnership between Agrello and ViewFin

“Agrello is the beginning of a new epoch of 'aware' contracting. Welcome to a world in which you can see in real time the implications of what you have signed. Diacle and QRC Regtech are proud to support Agrello in their mission”
Adam Vaziri
Director of DIACLE

“Viewfin built Metaverse, a public blockchain on which people, organizations, and institutions can own their own digital identities, and transact various digital assets. Agrello’s solution fits perfectly into this vision, and we see great potential in their ideas, ambitions, and expertise in the field.”
Eric Gu
CEO of Viewfin


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